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Submitted by Hisiru 1194d ago | interview

Rare wants to make Killer Instinct 3, but Microsoft says "no"

Ex-Rare employee, Donnchadh Murphy, who worked on games like Killer instinct Gold, Conker's Bad Fur Day and many others gave an interview for the website Not Enough Shaders.

Here is a portion of the interview:
NES: -"Are there any Rare games you would like to see as HD remakes on Xbox Live Arcade?"

Donnchadh Murphy: -"Probably the same game every Rare fan wants to see and that’s KI3 (Killer Instinct 3). We all wanted to make KI3, but Microsoft were more interested on broadening their demographic, than making another fighting game. So it never got made, I doubt it ever will."

In this interview, Murphy also talked about Conker and some other aspects of the company. (Killer Instinct 3, Microsoft, Rare, Xbox 360)

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Silver-Hawk  +   1194d ago
I wish Sony owned rare. Even if Nintendo owned rare I feel like killer instinct 3 would be gimped or not made
user5467007  +   1194d ago
I feel like that aswell but for me it's more about Conkers Bad Fur Day...I have no doubt they would respect the Banjo franchise and we would get a true Banjo threeie BUT the way Nintendo are now with this whole casual friendly approach I do not see them puting full support behind Conkers Bad Fur Day 2....if they did it would be toned down a lot and I would hate that.

Sony has shown us they let developers have their freedom on games so maybe then they would let Rare do what they want.

To me this shows me that Microsoft don't have gamers in's like they don't care.

We want Killer Instict 3 Microsoft...and why did you have to cancel Conkers Other Bad Fur Day for Kinect crap <sigh>

"There was numerous projects that were put forward that I believe would have been huge hits, but MS rejected them one after the other. I remember seeing a couple of prototypes that Chris Seavor had designed and was working on, that looked amazing, but alas they got shelved. It seemed that MS didn’t want to take the risk in Rare doing anything outside the younger demographic, they quickly forgot the companies heritage. We started to lose a lot of great talent then, people were losing job satisfaction, so they just left."

So it's pretty much settled Microsoft killed Rare instead of improving them.
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hkgamer  +   1194d ago
Agreed with microsoft killing rare,

Actually what happened with rare anyway? Microsoft started of the generation with the intention of making great games and having developers on their side. Which was partly why Microsoft bought Rare to have PDzero released on it. Did they lose trust with them? or do they want their first party studios to make more kid friendly games?

What has rare done betweeen the time from the release of PDzero and the release of Kinect? actually serious to know the answer? Why would Microsoft abandon what Rare is famous for and obviously the reason why they bought them the first time round.
RustedMan  +   1194d ago
I think Rare killed Rare.
you can't tell me that "Nuts and Bolts" was Microsoft's fault.
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DasBunker  +   1194d ago
Sad but true.. SNES/64 Rare era will live only in our memories.
RIP Never forget.


By the time they were developing Nuts & Bolts, it was just probably the carcass of Rare left by MS.. just a shadow of it's former self.
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srcBFMVBMTH  +   1194d ago
Agreed. Also seeing how Fable turned into a Kinect game, and that the next Gears of War (After Gears of War 3 but before Judgement) was going to be a Kinect game. Something Microsoft pushed for but was ultimately cancelled by Epic. It's kinda sad that that's all they focus on now -_- Killer Instinct 3 could have been awesome. But it's clear they don't have the core gamer in mind much anymore. Wouldn't be surprised if Halo 5 on 720 turned out to be a Kinect game. Lol
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SilentNegotiator  +   1194d ago
"I think Rare killed Rare.
you can't tell me that "Nuts and Bolts" was Microsoft's fault"

You mean the platform gone XBL-friendly racer?
Nooooooo, Microsoft couldn't be at fault for that.

Sorry, but Kameo and Viva Pinata were great games. They didn't "die before Microsoft bought them" like fanboys want to believe. They died when Microsoft decided that their primary development field should change to generic Kinect sports games.
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Blacktric  +   1194d ago | Funny
This and nothing else;
palaeomerus  +   1194d ago
"Sorry, but Kameo and Viva Pinata were great games."

Yeah. And Nuts and Bolts was a pretty great game too. Not what Banjo Kazooie fans wanted but still a lot of fun and beuatiful. I even liked 'Grabbed by the Ghoulies' and the 'Conker's BFD' remake.

PD:Z was okay though I was never much of a PD fan,got over Goldeneye quickly, and never much liked the Timesplitters games. I just don't much care for that style/type of console FPS.
Tainted Gene  +   1194d ago
I generally have no ill will towards Microsoft but this is crazy. With all the fighting games that have been releasing in the past 5 years, this is the time to make killer instinct 3. But for any corporation profits are the main motivator and nothing else.

Plus, in the back of my mind I knew Rare would never really be back to form as it was in the 90's (look at Nuts and BOlts.... great game but not a Banjo/Kazooie game. In fact a Rare employee said that it was another with a Banjo coating to please fans).

Reason being that when Microsoft bought Rare a majority of the original Rare team left before the move to Microsoft Studios. So in truth RARE has been dead since literally when being bought by Microsoft.


Pretty much wat Devilish Six said below....:)
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Septic  +   1194d ago
Pretty disgraceful of Microsoft really. Stifling creativity and vision by having a really short sighted plan. From reading the article, RARE really thrived in an environment where there were no shackles in terms of freedom (see how Conker was rescued).

It's sad to read even though Nuts and Bolts and Viva Pinata were good games.

So much potential going to waste on Kinect.
TheRealSpy  +   1194d ago
it's sad how little you people understand business. Rare wouldn't have gone with MS unless they needed to be acquired. and MS wouldn't turn down KI3 if they thought there would be a large enough market for it.

there isn't some sinister plot to deprive ppl of franchises they enjoy. it's business. and despite the irrational mentality of most people here, Sony would do the exact same thing. ...or maybe they wouldn't and that would explain why Sony's market value has plummeted over the last couple years.
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Perjoss  +   1194d ago
"SNES/64 Rare era will live only in our memories"

Actually you can still plug a SNES or N64 in and play those games right now. That's the beauty of the non digital distribution age, those games are yours to play forever.
Legion  +   1194d ago
They used Rare as a team/tool to Launch their Kinect. With it as their primary focus.

And you know what... it turned out to be a perfect cash boom for MS.

I don't own Kinect myself but it sure has helped MS grow their system into more of a family friendly console regardless of what so called hardcore gamers might think.

So be it... and KI was never really a good game... come on... we have to admit it was little more then another fighting game... and the shock value of long ago doesn't cut it in today's market.
Knight_Crawler  +   1194d ago
Well said Real Spy and Legion - The honest truth is that KI was never on the same level popularity wise with Street Fight and Mortal Kombat and the reason is because KI was born on a console while SF and MK were born on arcades which were way more popular at the time.

Most the people here asking for a new KI is asking for it based on Nostalgia and some times people just have to leave things as that - imagine if MS Rare did make a new KI, with out the original Rare team this game would not be the same and fans would still be complaining how MS killed KI and Rare.

We consumers only see one side of a business transaction and dont realise that games cost alot of money to make and if your games does not sell as well or is not well received then you will a lost on your financials.

No one can deny that Sony pumps out allot exclusives games but there is a reason why Sony is in the red financially because its hard to maintain AAA exclusives when your not making a profit on them or barley breaking even.

Yes we dont have shares in Sony so why should we care - if Sony keeps recording losses then Sony's market value drops, if Sony market values drop then investors will want to pull out, if investors pull out then the funding stops, if the funding stops then the games stop.
EVILDEAD360  +   1194d ago
LOVE how RARE is always the contested topic..
I always LOVE when the RARE topic comes’s fun to watch internet fantasy vs. reality

It’s always hilarious to see how people pretend MS held RARE sooo far back that the never released ONE game.

But, let's keep 100% real for once…let’s put in context what the ex-Rare artist is trying to say.

He’s saying that MS didn’t approve certain proposals that ‘HE’ believed could have been hits, but can ANYONE blame Microsoft?

They bought RARE for close to 400 MILLION DOLLARS on the strength of the Nintendo hits Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Donkey Kong Country etc.

Of course they hoped RARE would emulate the Nintendo success and expand the 360 beyond the ‘too core’ mantra it had.

But, the funny part is people NOW cry that Rare should release this and that..but when they DID release them it was a different story..

Kameo get’s supposed love Now and people scream sequel, but that game didn’t get mass love from the critics. I remember Peter Moore reflecting how critics were overly harsh on it. G4Tv had the review pull back then gave it a 80..Eurogamer gave it a didn’t got bundled

Perfect Dark Zero..G4TV at the time gave it a 60..most gave it 80s..did ok at launch but wasn’t close to a hit of Rare’s stature.

Banjoo: nuts got straight panned by some critics..which was opposite of what many fans felt about the game..Gametrailers gave it a 67..IGN gave it a 65…it didn’t do well at retail and ended up being bundles with another game.

Viva got the critical love from many..and even some crossover cartoon love..but the game as a whole didn’t get numbers until it was a greatest hits title..

By the time the viva sequel arrived it sold horribly at retail.

People can bash MS all day but they literally used RAREs talents to boost them to where they are now with some smart decisions.

RARE was a big part of the LIVE overhaul that brought the Avatars and it turned out to be a huge success.

Look at how completely silly the hate that MS gets for having Rare develop ONE launch game for Kinect.

The results are hands down the biggest hit Rare has had this whole gen and the biggest (and bestIMO) game for Kinect.

I'll take a Killer Instinct Next Gen..not now. If Rare rushed even an above average product, it would get crucified.

People claim the would support titles like Conker's but in the reality words are simply words. Take the PS3's Twisted Metal this year. The game was on EVERY exclusives list known to man, but it didnt do great numbers. In fact, if KI got the same support the headlines wiuld be like Alan Wakes. Same with Perfect Dark came and went. So who knows if and when KI HD is in the cards.

I hope Rare continues the success it's had into next gen..where their services will truly be needed.

Just my humble take


edit..great post from Knight Crawler above..
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mcstorm  +   1194d ago
@TheRealSpy & Legion I agree with what you have said and I was about to put the same thing. Rare still make good games and fun games at that.

Viva Piñata and banjo kazooie were fun games for the 360 but at the time they came out it was just the core gamers who wanted FPS games had the 360 and they did not sell very well.

This is why Rare started on Kinect Sports and I have to say both of them are one of the best Kinect games for the 360 they are fun and imo are better than Wii Sports and sports champions as they are a game that everyone can get into very easy.

MS are still building a name for the Xbox people keep forgetting this and it is only there 2nd console and the Original Xbox did not sell that well and had a very short life.

If you look at what MS have done in the 10 years of Xbox you have to give it to them for the size of the market they have got and the games Rare have brought to the Xbox brand have been some of the best in the xbox short history.

A lot of people on here are saying MS don't give us enough games but if you look at the way this gen has gone for the core the best selling games on the 360 have been Halo, Forza, Gears and Fable as the 1st party games so they are giving us games that people want to by where Sony on the other hand are giving us lot of games but people are not buying them for example Resistance and Motor Storm. (Im not saying they are bad games but they are not selling well) Just like Alan Wake on the 360.

MS know they are coming to the end of the gen and are giving people what they want in terms of games and I think Rare will be a big part of the core next gen with Big Park taking over games for the none core.

I don't think rare are a dead company they are being used as part of the plan by Microsoft to get the xbox name as being the market leader by doing a lot o back ground work on the 360 software and giving us games like I have put above.

I would love to see Killer instinct on the 360 but then again there are a lot of games on older consoles ide love to see there be a new version of and if they come out grate if not I still have the original game to play as it is still as fun and good to play as the day it came out.
oricon  +   1194d ago
"BUT the way Nintendo are now with this whole casual friendly approach I do not see them puting full support behind Conkers Bad Fur Day 2....if they did it would be toned down a lot and I would hate that."

This gen for first Nintendo has actually been publishing mature rated title unlike, n64/nes/snes era where they didnt, saying their all casual friendly approach.

Also saying that their all casual friendly now is also stupid, Nintendo since the NES days have always been about creating titles that everyone can play, everyone acts like with the Wii they started to go with this approach in gaming.
WombBat  +   1194d ago
This interview was good, but it hurt my soul as a rare fan.
MoveTheGlow  +   1194d ago
Banjo: Nuts and Bolts had a solid introduction against the demographic-broadening that Microsoft had been pushing on them since they arrived. That talking TV thing with the computer sound effects? Come on.

First he talks about how no one likes platformers anymore, then he forces a sluggish Banjo to run a linear, bloated parody of a Banjo platformer (a corporate bigwig's berating of what a platformer is), all the while Banjo and Kazooie are older and fatter to drive the point home that MS (and most likely other potential investors before them) thought platformers were old, bloated, and washed up. You think that's about Nintendo? No way.

It's the game equivalent of what's most likely a nightmarish board meeting Rare had, and probably more than once. It's a meta-commentary in a decent vehicle game. It's a thinly-veiled apology and explanation for their fans. One of the coolest things ever. How has this not been mentioned yet??
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nukeitall  +   1193d ago

You said it so well, I'm just going to repeat it!

"it's sad how little you people understand business. Rare wouldn't have gone with MS unless they needed to be acquired. and MS wouldn't turn down KI3 if they thought there would be a large enough market for it.

there isn't some sinister plot to deprive ppl of franchises they enjoy. it's business. and despite the irrational mentality of most people here, Sony would do the exact same thing. ...or maybe they wouldn't and that would explain why Sony's market value has plummeted over the last couple years."
n4f  +   1193d ago
im pretty sure m$ wanted to port ki3 on kinect

jump and punch on your cat to do a combo breaker and kick and dance so you can do a ultra
prototypeknuckles  +   1194d ago
I agree nintendo and rare already have good history, and Sony does let its developers experiment with new and forgotten ips
dedicatedtogamers  +   1194d ago
"Please Microsoft. We're dying inside. Let us make GAMES like we used to"

"No, RARE. Your highest-selling software is Kinect minigame collections. Make more Kinect!"

"But the fans have wanted a new Killer Instinct for YEARS"

"HAHAHAH! You should know better by now, Rare, that making exclusive games for our fans is SOOOO 2009."
Mottsy  +   1194d ago
Fans? Who the hell is cold? Now shut up and make More KINECT!!!
NastyLeftHook0  +   1194d ago
if sony owned rare you KNOW you would get a killer instinct game.
Brosy  +   1194d ago
What defunct franchises has sony made sequels to? I can't think of any. Troll harder.
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Imalwaysright  +   1194d ago
Sony takes risks! To say otherwise is idiotic at best. Games like Heavy rain, LBP, TM, SoTC, Motorstorm... were risks that very few Publishers would take. MS certainly wouldnt make those games and I dont give 2 shits if those games sell 100 copies as long as i get to play them.

Many fanboys here seem to care more about MS making money then having games to play. "Oh no if MS makes a new KI theyre gonna lose money. I bought a 360 to give MS money!!!" Are you people GAMERS or MS shareholders? Sony takes risks and because of it I get to play unique games that no other publisher would make and as long as Sony thinks outside the box i wont have any problems supporting them.
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blackbeld  +   1194d ago
For sure Killer Instinct will be released if Sony owned Rare.

Hope M$ will ever turned around.

They only care about competing Apple, Google, Sony and other grazy stuff. But gamers ohh no...
attilayavuzer  +   1194d ago
"Sony takes risks!"

Sony also lost 6 billion this year and laid off 10,000 people. But I'm sure playing a few HD classics makes up for the population of a small town being unemployed.
Statix  +   1193d ago

Layoffs are part of how the world works, especially in today's down economy. If a company wants to survive, it needs to cut corners when the occasion calls for it. Are you really trying to act like Microsoft hasn't laid off people en mass, by the thousands, before? I guarantee you that Microsoft and most other companies out there are planning even more layoffs this year.
fermcr  +   1194d ago
pufff.... another fighting game? No thanks. Kudos to Microsoft for not allowing it.

Let Rare make another game (just not another Kinect game). A new IP would be great, to see if they still got it.
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Awesome_Gamer  +   1194d ago
Thank god for Sony..
Jazz4108  +   1193d ago
God has nothing to do with that greedy arrorgant company that has lost its way.
nerdkiller  +   1194d ago
i agree nintendo is to into casual now sell the rights to sony and nintendo should sell the metroid franchise to sony to. f msoft to
ConstipatedGorilla  +   1194d ago
I like my Xbox, but Microsoft as done absolutely nothing useful with Rare. Rare would be much better in the hands of Sony or Nintendo.
mrbojingles  +   1194d ago
Nintendo just bought the Fatal Frame series (rumored) and they still own the rights to Eternal Darkness. Just because they don't make too many games like Killer Instinct doesn't mean they wouldn't if they thought there were enough fans for it.

I'm sure if RARE was owned by Nintendo it would have been made by now. I mean, Nintendo did put out all those old RARE games in the first place.
nerdkiller  +   1193d ago
exactly nintendo feel there's more casual fans so they make only wii sports and mario games they stopped making core games except a few but do you remember when they took chances like guist or bad fur day now they discontinue games like project hammer lets face it sony is the only one now who takes chances nintendo and msoft went casual
ConstipatedGorilla  +   1193d ago
Eternal Darkness was excellent. One of my favorite GC games. I really wanted a sequel to that one.
Stansolo  +   1194d ago
Sony get RAREWARE on you side because your the only company that will let the do the magic they did when with nintendo.
Microsoft, I hate you for not letting Killer Instinct grace the xbox 360.
Microsoft only wanted RARE so they could kill them off, RARE was a threat if someone else had them on there side. That's how I see it.
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attilayavuzer  +   1194d ago
I'm pretty sure the ~150 or so people complaining about not getting KI3 are about the only people who want it in the first place.
Gamer1982  +   1193d ago
Rare dont exist anymore so the titles crap anyway. Its an ex rare employee who wants to make it.
ALLWRONG  +   1193d ago
If Sony owned RARE they would just shut it down like they been doing recently. At least with MS they still have jobs.
lodossrage  +   1188d ago
They'd buy them and let them go about their business or make new studios out of them altogether. Which they've ALSO been doing recently
coolbeans  +   1194d ago
"Are there any Rare games you would like to see as HD remakes on Xbox Live Arcade?"

Why would he answer with Killer Instinct 3? I'd like to see Jet Force Gemini makes its way over to XBLA.
Lord_Sloth  +   1194d ago
Jet Force Gemini was awesome! I spent so many hours on that game with my bro. Same with Perfect Dark. Rare was my lover on the 64.
DivineAssault  +   1194d ago
another reason i hate microsoft.. wtf wouldnt they let em do it??? its a great series & needs to be revived..

i guess its all about money for them instead of making fans happy.. I dont blame rare for making $hitty games as of late.. Microsoft isnt letting them do what theyre passionate about doing
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Mottsy  +   1194d ago
They are in the money business not video game business =/
elitesupreme  +   1194d ago
They're in the videogame business to make money off of hardware and software sales. How they go about getting that money is their business. Same thing applies to Nintendo and Sony.
slaton24  +   1194d ago
as long as microsoft makes money off of halo and gears of war they will never care to much for any other games thats not all about crapbox...yeah i like sony more because they care for the gamers young and old...nintendo is only fun with mario and zelda, and i own a 360 but never at all truly play it
Nelly_Nel_713  +   1194d ago
That is a load of BS!!! Mann, MS are bunch of pricks for this! I want another KI 3 game like right now... MS just let Rare go already you are not doing anything with them at all.
KMCROC54  +   1194d ago
Buy them if u want them but i seriously doubt they will be sold anytime soon. But good luck with our wants
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NYC_Gamer  +   1194d ago
I guess MS would rather Rare pump out kinect garbage
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1194d ago
I always thought all the 360 units being sold was to the casuals. Now we know that the hardcore games is not the #1 money maker for M$.

Kinect after Kinect game -- check

Their #1 shooter only has some of the original devs + no beta + perks = the story of MW3

I am glad I converted to the dark side.
#5.1 (Edited 1194d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
JamieL  +   1194d ago
I don't see why anyone would have to be on one side or the other only. I am on games side. I like all systems with good games and right now that’s MS, Sony, and Nintendo. I'm so glad I don't let some misguided since of brand loyalty dictate what I play. I just can’t see myself missing Halo 4, or UC3, or Skyward Sword, or any really cool game because I dislike a company that cares NOTHING AT ALL for me. It’s really childish to miss out on games for such a STUPID reason, and your only hurting yourself. Power to the multi-console owners out there.
Mustang300C2012  +   1194d ago
Another ex employee about some claim again.
Xperia_ion  +   1194d ago
Belking  +   1194d ago
We will be seeing KI and even more from Rare next gen. I'm sure they will release the old ones as arcade titles sooner or later. MS doesn't like to spill the beans on all of their stuff too soon.
#7 (Edited 1194d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(16) | Report | Reply
dedicatedtogamers  +   1194d ago
"MS doesn't like to spill the beans on that HUGE number of unannounced games they have coming out, guize!"

Been hearing than since 2009. Been laughing at it since 2009.
DiRtY  +   1194d ago
Why are there more Xbox 360 exclusive titles than on any other console this year? No trolling, just a fact. Actually the Xbox 360 has more games than any other console this gen. Another fact.

But keep living in your N4G world, where everything Sony does is awesome. Even the embarrising PS vita numbers are okay somehow, even though it does 50% of the 3DS before the price cut and the Vita already had a holiday season in Japan.

Or the lackluster lineup for this holiday season, PSABR, Sly and Sports Champion 2. Awesome.

Ah I know, "XBLA does not count and Kinect does not count either." Let's ignore that Minecraft on 360 outsells every PS3 exclusive this year. Or that Kinect killed the PS Move.

Let's ignore that Sony is not a big player in todays world at all. Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, LG have passed them quite a while ago. SCE lost more money this gen than they earned with the previous two combined.

Sony would do awesome stuff with Rare. Just like they did with Zipper or BigBig. Sony bought Zipper 2006 and closed them 2012, lots of people lost their job. But hey, Sony never said which games they should make.

Sony bought BigBig in 2007 and closed them 5 years later. Again, lots of people lost their job, but Sony was so kind to them.

N4G ignores all of this. Sony is so nice and MS is the devil.

Been hearing that since 2007. Been laughing since 2007.
Flatbattery  +   1194d ago

Clearly you don't read many articles around here!
DiRtY  +   1194d ago
Ohhh the irony.

3 hours after I wrote my post, Sony closed their studio in Liverpool. Opened in 1984 (!!!), bought by Sony in 2001, closed by Sony in 2012. Lots of people will lose their job again.

Yeah, Sony should own Rare...
MrBeatdown  +   1194d ago

I like how he said something about MS's game announcement strategy, and instead of you actually responding to his point, you ramble on about literally everything and anything else you could think of about Sony, even though it's all completely unrelated.
#7.1.4 (Edited 1194d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(5) | Report
XabiDaChosenOne  +   1194d ago
@Dirty First I liked to start off with this: LOL you are so mad! Secondly: "Why are there more Xbox 360 exclusive PC ports on any other console this year?" "Actually the Xbox 360 has more PC ported games than any other console this gen." *fixed.

And PSABR is lackluster? NEOGAF, N4G, and gamefaqs users would like to have a word with you. Also, let me guess, another Halo is what you would consider a jam packed holiday season right? lmao! Sony, like all other companies has its shady side, but you would be a moron to not see that Sony is the lesser of two evils here. Especially from the perspective of a gamer.
JamieL  +   1194d ago
@ MrBeatdown
LOL, no he trolled Belking and Dirty came in with 100% true statements about Sony and you don’t like it. dedicatedtogamers has been laughing since 2009 and Dirty’s been laughing since 2007, that and Dirty’s comment being thought out and put together WAY BETTER than dedicatedtogamers troll. Why do ya’ll get so defensive when the truth is put out there?
MrBeatdown  +   1193d ago

One of them actually posted a relevant response. One of them flung everything he could at the wall to see if it stuck.

If Dedicated was so wrong, you and Dirty could have shut up up with something relevant, but you didn't, maybe because you couldn't, and that bothers you, so instead, he has to try to "get even" by rambling on about something completely irrelevant about Sony, and you have to pretend it's anything less than desperate.
#7.1.7 (Edited 1193d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report
DevilishSix  +   1194d ago
Wouldn't matter
as all the great talent that produced all those great games are gone. Microsoft even fired Chris Seaver, the genius that came up with most of te game ideas. My guess is the final straw was when Chris put worth the story and everything for the next Conker game called Conkers Other Bad Fur Day and got rejected because Microsoft is all about that crappy Kinect device. Chris even had test footage for Kameo 2 which was to be darker and more mature. He was let go not long after that.

The talent isn't there to make Killer Instinct 3, another Conker, or Perfect Dark's over and you can thank Misrosoft and that sorry a** Ken Lobb for screwing rare over.

Thanks Ken....**** U.
#8 (Edited 1194d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Belking  +   1194d ago
"The talent isn't there to make Killer Instinct 3, another Conker, or Perfect Dark anymore"

You can say the same about Team ICO and LG.

As long as you own the IP its possible. There is plenty of talent around the industry that can do KI or any other game. Look at what they're doing for Halo4 and what Rockstar did with Max Payne 3. They found talented people to carry on the series and they can do the same with KI. Besides, all they have to do is release the old KI and they will still make a ton of money on just that alone. You guys make it sound easy to just develop a game from scratch when you really don't realize how much goes into the process.
#8.1 (Edited 1194d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
CGI-Quality  +   1194d ago
How is Team ICO even remotely close to this when the same people who have been working on their games from the beginning are still working on The Last Guardian?
#8.1.1 (Edited 1194d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(5) | Report
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1194d ago

Why do they hate real gamers? Valve & Sony are the best!

Valve comes out with hardcore tactical shooter.
Sony comes with The last of US.
MS comes with perk filled shooter.(It's #1 game)

Glad I sold my half baked 360 a long time ago and got pc/ps3 setup.

Now I can play Hawken instead of kimech trash like Steel Battalion
#9 (Edited 1194d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
Nathaniel_Drake  +   1194d ago
"Glad I sold my half baked 360 a long time ago and got pc/ps3 setup."

-I keep telling people that's the best setup to have.
whoyouwit04  +   1194d ago
the best set up is to have them all if you are a real gamer.
JamieL  +   1194d ago
@ whoyouwit04
I don't know why this idea is so foreign on this sight. I agree with you 1,000,000,000,000%. Real gamers like games, not cooperation’s, and will play them on whatever console.

my 360/PS3/PC/Wii/PSP/DS/3DS/Vita set up is the way to go, fo-sho.
#9.1.2 (Edited 1194d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report
Nathaniel_Drake  +   1193d ago

Not true during the NES Genesis days most people only had one system which did spark the whole NES Genesis war.

A true gamer could be described as owning either one not both.

The difference that time was that each system had many exclusives that made actually owning one system a different experience, something the 360 can't emulate today.

This generation is different as now 3rd party games are on all 3 systems and it's more obscure to find that different experience.

Which is why first party exclusives are so important in defining value to own a system.

In this case the 360 has some 1st party exclusives but not enough in my opinion to own the system with other systems to be considered a real gamer.

You can get some of the 360 games on the pc which devalues the system

Not let's talk about how that affects online. Because the 360 has most games you can get elsewhere and you have to pay online to play other people this devalues the system further as you can play these games on other systems for free.

Now I know other people are going to say what about the rpg's that came out on the 360 like Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon and such. Don't get me wrong the 360 was heading toward defining itself as a console you can have to experience that different experience, but after their early years they really dropped the ball on this.

Sony started to outsell the 360 later on in America which it never did before so adopting a different tech was the only way to raise those numbers again to get America back, we all know about Kinect right.

After that decisions the few companies that did define the 360 as a unique console like Rare had their ideas for different games and continuing their other games like Kameo 2 thrown away to make the 360 a more "family" friendly console. I don't have to tell you what happened to Rare after that.

If you really want to see a real gamer defined it is owning those consoles that keep bringing out unique games that can only be bought for them.

Again I always say you look to the reason a company entered the video game market and for MS they were afraid of losing the "LIVING ROOM", and with the 360's present decisions it just seems they only care about that and not trying to define their system to have to be considered a "real gamer", that's why I say the PS3/PC is the best combo to have.

Long rant out
ChunkyLover53  +   1194d ago
Now this is the type of article about Microsoft that will make the front page.

I'd love to see Killer Instinct on the XBLA, but I'm not sure a new Killer Instinct retail game would appeal to a mass audience. I'd much rather have a proper Banjo game, its looking like we'll get a Perfect Dark reboot to kick of the Xbox 720, and I hope we'll see another Viva Pinata game as well.

Its a business, and even though I love a lot of Rare's games, they aren't all gems. Cant really blame a business for running itself and its properties as a business.

I have thought for a long time that it would make sense for Microsoft to release a lot of their original Xbox titles in HD for the Xbox 360, it'll help build up a fanbase for those franchises and that would carry over if they ever decided to make a new game from those properties.

I honestly think only a few of Rares properties would sell now days, Perfect Dark, Banjo, Viva Pinata and probably Conker are really the only ones Microsoft would probably take a chance on next gen.
#10 (Edited 1194d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(17) | Report | Reply
Soldierone  +   1194d ago
IF the game doesn't "appeal to the masses" I much rather Microsoft start spending their money on games like this and attempting to build some exclusive franchises instead of wasting money on timed exclusive crap....
InTheLab  +   1194d ago
How very anti-gamer of you. How is it that your first thought is about how much it would sell? 3 Kinect games do monster number and the rest sell under 100k, but there's no shortage of Kinect shovelware...and you don't even want them to try and make a KI?
ChunkyLover53  +   1194d ago
It probably (certainly) costs much less to lock down some timed content then it would to develop and market a game that wouldn't sell. Obviously timed exclusives has its advantages when its done right, Skyrim and Call Of Duty are two great examples of timed DLC that causes people to buy the game on the Xbox 360 instead of the competition.

Well as a gamer and fan of gaming in general, of course sales matter. If games don't sell well, they wont release sequels to that game. I don't care if it sells 20+ million, but obviously games have to turn a profit to earn a sequel.

I don't know the exact number of Kinect games or the numbers they've sold, but last I checked, they have 12 or 13 that have sold over a million. Also, 100k for a platform with around 20 million install base isn't a failure. I'd say 100k -500k for a game that is on a platform where the install base is 60+ million is bad though.

I know a lot of Sony fanboys will visit this thread, its negative Microsoft and everyone "knows" Microsoft ruined Rare, but do Sony fanboys really think Sony can just keep releasing game after game that doesn't sell ? Eventually it will catch up to them. It would catch up to any company.

I swear, some fanboys are in love with the idea of having a lot of exclusives more then actually buying them.

I personally wouldn't buy a new Killer Instinct, but I might play an XBLA version for nostalgia.

Also, what did people expect? Microsoft had to have a developer work on their huge investment that was Kinect, Rare built the best game for the device at launch. Kinect Sports works great and has sold 5 million units. Its like if I were to complain that Sony has Media Molecule working on Vita instead of PS4 games. Of course Sony has their top developers working on their new product, it'd be insane not to.
#10.2.1 (Edited 1194d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(13) | Report
MrBeatdown  +   1194d ago

"Also, 100k for a platform with around 20 million install base isn't a failure. I'd say 100k -500k for a game that is on a platform where the install base is 60+ million is bad though."

Math fail or spin fail?

You clearly say selling 100,000 copies of a game to an install base of 20 million, which amounts to one copy for every 200 Kinect owners, is "not a failure". In other words, a success.

PS3 is around 65 million. So, according to your standards for Kinect, Sony only needs to sell 325,000 copies of a game (or one to every 200 PS3 owners) for you to deem it "not a failure".

Yet you mention Sony releasing "game after game that doesn't sell"? So how many PS3 games are under 325,000 sales?

I can think of Starhawk... and uh, Starhawk. For lack of a better source, VGchartz has Twisted Metal at 520,000. Not a failure, I guess. MLB '12 is at 720,000. Not a failure. Sorcery is at 100,000, yet on a platform with under 10.5 million, so Sorcery is clearly not a failure. Should I keep going? How about Resistance 3's 1.2 million? Maybe Ratchet's 900,000? Failures? Definitely not by your Kinect standards.

All those "not a failure" games must really be putting Sony in the hole. Funny that you're the one bringing up "Sony fanboys" but you're the one with double standards. Either that or you just don't know what you're talking about.
#10.2.2 (Edited 1194d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(5) | Report
BrutallyBlunt  +   1194d ago
That shovelware has a lot less of an investment than Killer Instict 3 would have. I think the real reason why we haven't seen Killer Instinct 3 is because they are afraid of ruining the IP. What was great then may not be so great today.

What they should do is release it for Kinect 2. I don't think the current Kinect can do it justice but if the next Kinect can that would be a great asset to both the hardware and to making Killer Instinct a fresh take on the franchise.

Yes Microsoft needs to run the XBOX 360 like a business. After all they lost lots of money on the original XBOX. At the same time you cannot stifle your staff, Rare needs to be creative nd right now all they seem to be doing is helping push Kinect and dashboard avatars. Games like Kameo and Viva Pinata were actually great games but were not a huge success. You still need them to have the freedom to take chances.

If Nintendo still owned them i fear they too would not have allowed them to be too creative either. Nintendo does not have a great history of creating new IP's either. It seems as though Sony is a lot more open to new ideas but they too will not support companies that don't have a great track record. Insomniac didn't have the freedom they wanted so they decided to be on their own. Isn't it ironic how they are now releasing a new IP?

If Rare wants to excel they too need to be on their own. Probably another reason Bungie wanted out, they got sick of making just Halo.
Futureproof   1194d ago | Spam
2v1  +   1194d ago
you play the money game , me just games
NastyLeftHook0  +   1194d ago
so since it does not appeal that much they should not make it? wow....
elitesupreme  +   1194d ago
"I'd love to see Killer Instinct on the XBLA, but I'm not sure a new Killer Instinct retail game would appeal to a mass audience"

so, the resurgence,revival and success of fighting games for the past few years, a la SF and MK, along with the few niche brands here and there, doesn't signify a market demand? Who's been buying them up then? The same people that gathered up all the ET catridges and buried them in the desert?

BTW, PSN/XBLA versions of old MK and SF games came out before their reboots. Guess what? That was market research, gauging interest in a genre that was near death for a long while. Too bad MS missed the boat on the fighting game revival.
Tito08  +   1193d ago
Since when Xbox fanboys have become businessmen, entrepeneurs, shareholders???? this shows how stupid and blind the Xbox fanbase really is:

-Xbox fanboys said PS3 has no games, when PS3 does, it's about the exclusives.
-When PS3 has exclusives, it's all about the multiplats.
-When PS3 is having good sales of multiplats, it's about the time exclusive content.
-when ps3 has both full and timed exclusive content, Xbox fanboys brings up the online.
-when PS3 has online and is free, Xboys brings cross-game-chat...
-when PS3 gets good score on games, the bring the sales.. or when PS3 gets the sales, hey bring the scores....

Xbox fanboys are the most ignorant & worst fanboys I have ever seen, everything Microsoft does is charity, lol.... I can really see Nintendo & PS fans appreciate Rare more than Xbox fans, Xbox fanboys=blind fanboyism, I can't believe Microsoft have fans, unbelievable!!!!!
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1192d ago
Future Proof and Beatdown sure showed you huh?

You finally showed your true colors lol.

People care more about sales than they should. Yeah a game might not get a sequel due low sales, but then again not every game needs a sequel and it also gives birth to IPs anyway. And not every game is going to have mass appeal. That is just the reality of life.

I'm sure it's more than just KI3 not having mass appeal for MS to say no to KI3. Anyway, sales should be of little concern to gamers seeing as they have no control over how much a game sales at the end of the day. Just buy what you like and hope that others buy the games that you like.
Soldierone  +   1194d ago
Microsoft "Wth? Who are you? Oh Rare? What are you doing here, get back to the kinect crap! Shh...don't talk, just go!"
irish4life09   1194d ago | Bad language | show
3-4-5  +   1194d ago
You sometimes wonder if the right people are in charge at all of these companies.

They all lack vision, and foresight. Typical when dealing with Business types.

If only these companies realized that there are HUGE amounts of money to be profited from bringing back SOME of the games we used to love.

There are too many people who don't " get it " that are in charge or in position to make games.
#13 (Edited 1194d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Soldierone  +   1194d ago
Its because they hire people that are "experts" on business and how to make money. To them they don't care if people like a game, at the end of the day its the numbers on a sheet of paper they care about. If a piece of crap game is getting horrible reviews, but is bringing in the money, then they LOVE that piece of crap game.

They hire PR's to play pretend in-between customers and them so that way we believe they really care about what we want, but they dont. This is like the third developer this week alone that has come out and said "we want to make the game you guys want, but our publisher won't let us"
baodeus  +   1194d ago
So do you think games can't ever change with times? Do people change with time?

If motion gaming is so crappy, why the Wii become so successful? Why do people keep buying them when they are as crappy as you said?

Do you ever looks at trend and see what are the most popular trend in gaming right now?

Why do you think developers are moving toward virtual reality, 3D, motion gaming or online multiplayer (even games that doesn't necessary need MP also try to put in MP like GoW, Dead Space, ME, etc...)?

Times changes, and people want new ways to play games because ideas in gaming have become so stagnant, that the only innovative thing to do is changing the way people play games. People want to interact with each other (coop, MP), want to feel connected, want to communicate, etc.. That is the trend right now and if you guys still don't see that then perhaps you guys just can't adapt to changes.

And who are "WE" you referring to? Would you consider yourself to be the majority or minority?

If you are just in the minority group, do you ever think that you are being selfish when you just want every developers to cater to your individual needs? What about the rest of them that do like new changes? Why don't you go out and preach and reach out to others that what they are doing is wrong then since you are so vocal about it?

Man, i think you guys have some serious ego issues going on here.
#13.1.1 (Edited 1194d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report
Soldierone  +   1193d ago
Wait, where did I say motion games were the "crappy games"? All I said was a crappy game selling, which could be anything.....the fact that you jumped to motion gaming just proves it could easily fall into this category though.

Why do publishers (not developers) tack on crummy multiplayer when its not needed? Because it sells a game. If a game doesn't have multiplayer, all the new generation of gamers lose interest. However if it says it has multiplayer, people get interested. Thats all it is. Notice how many games with tacked on multiplayer let it die within a few months?

All we said was we want better games, and I said "it doesn't matter, they want numbers" and you proved the point. YOU like crappy games, and YOU are part of that bigger group, so THEY cater to YOU and not the core people that were around before YOU came along. Now a shooter needs assisted aiming, motion gaming is popular, and everything needs online. And lets face it, it says COD on the title and people gobble it up like no tomorrow.

Does the game have a story, good visuals, is it fun, is it an overall awesome game? Who cares, its selling right? You complain and say "well times changed!" Good and you know who did that? Those of us wanting good games. Look at you guys, playing COD and Madden every year, making EA and Activision rich....meanwhile we are sitting there saying we want something good. Eventually some of the popular kids listen and the publisher gets a wake up call.

Ask yourself 3D, Virtual Reality, and big innovations where is it coming from? Big publishers? NO. Its coming from smaller companies that still have gaming as a priority (ID Software) and a company trying to stay innovative and ahead of the game (Sony) NOT a company thats content with a 10 year old engine and sales numbers.
baodeus  +   1193d ago
sorry bro, you assume alot about me when you know nothing.

1. i have been around before atari days FYI so don't assume anything until you know something. :D

2. I don't like/play COD or FPS games either (i do like hidden gem games like journey, flower, Bastion, Blob, Phantom Dust, Shadow of Colossus, etc... and RPGs like FF6/9/10, lost odyssey, nier, valkyrie chronical, Xenogear, Chrono Trigger/Cross, landstalker, Suikoden, Persona, Skies of arcadia, on and on..etc...)

3. people like COD, can i say they are wrong? NO. And if you based your argument on Review then lets compare critics review score between COD: MW 1,2,3 to KZ 1, 2, 3 for example and you see COD has higher average score no? The problem is that COD has 10 times more sales and KZ3 even have to try and copy COD. People still playing COD days in day out when KZ 2,3 are probably empty. So why bringing up something that doesn't support your argument in any way?

4. Again, if a lot of people are buying a game (even if it doesn't have good reviews which are subjective, written by individual reviewers and does not applies to everyone), they must have find value and fun in them so i don't see why it would be a problem here. Game is about fun and enjoyment, if they keep buying that mean they enjoy it no? Would you keep buying it if you don't like it? Same for everyone else but obviously the majority of people do like it except you or should i say "WE" don't like it. Do you ever here me say "hey you guys are stupid for buying into those games because i don't like those games?" That is technically what you are saying right there. Why the hate?

5. I don't see how Sony is the pioneer of innovation in gaming this gen either? You tell me. Are you saying Sony doesn't incorporate CoD MP like into their MP games?

6. Big publisher (EA, UBISOFT, KONAMI, SQUARE ENIX, ROCKSTAR), who owns game developers, are the one that creating new engine like Cryteck engine, Frosbite engine, FOX engine, Luminuous engine, Rage engine no? What do you mean by they not being innovative? They are the one that still making most of the "hardcore" game keeping the gaming industry afloat no?

7. i do agree that Indie developers are much more innovative than big publisher (but of course they don't have to worry about keeping billion dollars companies alive now do they or budget for AAA status game (which needs to get high sell)

8. Infinity Ward still using old engine for COD and people still buys it over and over why? It only further proves that games is about FUN, not graphics do know what Fun is right?

9. ID Software been around forever no? They are the pioneer of FPS and now they also want to be the first in pioneer virtual gaming too. I don't get your point?

You guys talk subjectively without giving evidence that actually back up your claims, and how could you, because majority is and can be consider fact no?

Are you guys like a member of an "elite" group of gamers perhaps?
#13.1.3 (Edited 1193d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
Soldierone  +   1193d ago
You are just twisting my words around to make it seem like an attack. just read my comments for what it is.

3 You are proving MY point. It has higher numbers, which means the industry leans to them. Would you say COD is more innovative than Killzone? Hell no. Killzone stepped up in visuals, uses a new engine, took aspects from COD and blended it with new ideas. COD on the other hand is using an almost decade old engine and does nothing new from game to is that innovative? Yet it sells, so the publishers don't care. Why bother innovating and spending money, if people buy it?

4 I'm not saying they are stupid for enjoying a game. I'm saying there are people that simply want better games, but since these half arsed COD clones sell, they stick with those. How many new franchises and new concepts were abandoned because they didn't sell like COD? Look at Socom, it changed to try and cater to the "new age" and it lost every single fan it had.....

5 3D, Vita, Tons of exclusive games, publishing games that are not your stereotypical shooter and taking risks. What other company is doing that and was willing to risk the entire company on a new disc format? Alot of those "hidden gems" you listed, were possible because of Sony.

6 You listed companies that still have power on their own. explained below where I talk about ID

7 You just proved my point entirely. They care about numbers before they care about a game. They are afraid of innovation and being "different" because it MIGHT not sell.

8 Again proving my last comment. I already said this, the majority rules. What is the majority? The people coughing up money. Just because a game sells doesn't mean its a good quality title. It just means it was marketed and sold right. You could slap COD on a turd, and it would sell (based on the massive decline in sales and fan reactions, they did just that with MW3). And yes I do enjoy FUN, which is why I'm complaining on the topic of the original article. FUN is having a variety of games, tons of new environments, different approaches, new things. Last generation was fun, this generation is shooter after shooter.....Last generation it didn't matter if a game sold millions of units, as long as it sold. Developers were having fun. You sit around and say anything and everything they release is perfectly fine, then why even bother going past 16 bit games?

IF you were a hardcore gamer from Atari then you'd see my point. Innovation before profit. Microsoft isn't a third party publisher, and should quit acting like one. Take risks and do something with it. Sony is, Nintendo is. Yes its a business and I understand that, but this business got big because of innovation.

ID is a company started by gamers, and is still run by gamers, and it shows. Everytime they come out they have something cool for gamers, not a 10 year old game re-release. If the FPS was NEVER brought up yet, and ID came to Activision right now and said "here look at Doom, lets release it?" Activision would say no, and tell them to go work on a platformer or mortal kombat clone. Why? ID would have no power, and Activision would only care about money. They wouldn't want to risk releasing a FPS until after someone else did it. CURRENTLY Activision bought Id to simply soak in the profit they get, they didn't buy them to control them, thus ID is still its own company in a way.
baodeus  +   1188d ago
1. Everything has to do with numbers do you understand that? Let say you for example. How would you go about and determine how many fan your have and what each and individual fan wants? How would you solve the problem when each of them want something different? Do you go to each individual house, taking em out to dinner and get to know them personally so that you know what they want and show them that you cared about their needs?

2. If you can't do that (which is an impossible task anyways), then what do you based your decision on? Numbers and trend right? I don't think i can make it any clearer than this and I hope you see my point. NO MATTER HOW YOU PUT IT, IT HAS TO BE ABOUT NUMBERS.

3. CoD created something that everyone been copying or rather adopting for years and still do (that is A MAJOR innovation that you don't give them credit for). Even the mighty HALO has to follow, no less KZ. But do you see anyone copying KZ? No right? You can say they added a touch to make it their own, but are they really innovate?

4. Not every changes are golden or well received by gamers (again you can determine this by numbers). And when you see that the numbers dwindle, what does that say about your fan for Socom? Do you want to keep it the old ways (NOT INNOVATIVE)?

-Has 3D technology changes, especially based on tech Sony is using? Who actually propelling 3D forward, the Avatar movie by james Cameron or Sony?
- If you compare the entire exclusives and by different genra between MS and PS3, what do you see? Who actually has more FPS games this gen, Sony or MS? I can PM you a list if you want to know.
- What is the main reason for pushing blueray in the beginning for Sony? Do they really want loose another format war? Why do you think Sony didn't really focus much on games in the beginning?
- A lot of hidden gems are indie games right so let me ask you this, Who started out supporting indie games this gen? Who dedicated an entire section on their service for indie games (you can see tones of indie games from trash ones to some interesting concept to big hit)? Who sponsor indie games competition and promote indie games? A lot of gems like castle crasher, braid, limbo, Trial Evolution, Bastion, got their recognition because of MS no? Why you gives Sony (who actually just want to hog indie games by buying IPs right) all the credit and ignore MS for supporting Indie games?

6. Didn't i say FUN is subjective? Do you think everything new, adding tones of stuff actually define FUN for everyone? Why do you think SOCOM didn't do well? Why do you think FF fans want Square Enix to keep the old game play? FUN vary from person to person, and not written in stone like your list.

7. MS pushing kinect and new motion gaming into a market owned by Nintendo and they support it (like Sony did with blueray) with everything they got when Sony didn't put much into the move . What do you mean by they aren't doing something new and risky? I though we wanted changes, doing something new rather than putting something similar to your competition out to the market?

Again, EVERYTHING IS A BOUT NUMBERS, don't forget that.
Nathaniel_Drake  +   1194d ago
I guess you need to look at that specific moment that caused the company to enter the video game market.

Sony's was revenge on Nintendo and they were going into it full force on games to beat Nintendo.

MS got into to because they were afraid when Sony said they were going to take over the LIVING ROOM. It all stems from that statement which makes sense with low motivation to create new IP's and focus on creating family oriented gaming. Most likely using the profit from the sales of their few exclusive games to fund Kinect, get timed DLC exclusives, and steal exclusives.
Knight_Crawler  +   1194d ago
I have to wonder too.

I remember watching the making of Gears of War 1 and MS sent this lady to EPICS headquarters to view the game and she was against everything that makes Gears what is now.

She literally hated the blood and chain saw and thought the game was too gory - Cliffy stood his grounds and told this lady to buzz of if she does not like it. In the end when CLiffy showed the Gears footage at E3 and everyone liked it she was like yeah awesome idea I liked too and sorry for giving you a hard time.

These big companies some time tend to hire these people with big degrees and dont play video games - that why I loved Sega in they day becuase everyone even the big CEO was a die hard video gamer.
Lol_Lmao  +   1194d ago
Killer Instinct 3 will be Kinect only.
triplev16  +   1194d ago
LOL—I can't wait for the E3 reveal—A father and daughter playing Killer Instinct: Dance Grooves while video chatting to their relatives over XBOX Live. Bookmark this page!
triplev16  +   1194d ago
I don't think K3 will ever see the light of day. It's sad to say but I actually don't want to see Rare make it. I'd rather another developer get the rights (is this possible?) and do the game justice. Or at least port the arcade versions of K1/2 to XBLA (not sure if Nintendo has any rights to these games, anyone confirm?). Easy money right there.
AusRogo   1194d ago | Bad language | show
IWentBrokeForGaming   1194d ago | Bad language | show
Freak of Nature  +   1194d ago
A proper Banjo, @ Conker would be so very very nice. Real pity, and loss for us true hardcore gamers new and old school...

There has been some gossip over hiring new devs for new AAA titles, what who knows, but perhaps a glimmer of hope still.

If not I wish Sony would get the hardcore IP's...Oh well...
ChocalateDog203  +   1194d ago
Another fighting game? Wow, this is a really dumb move by Microsoft. This is their chance to get an exclusive fighting game (which I don't believe they have) with a fairly good following. Why do they think Rare is at a better place making Avatar items? -_-
I_AM_ CANADIAN_1989   1194d ago | Offensive
Theangrybogan  +   1194d ago
They could at least sell the IP so someone else could make it. If they don't think it'll shift units then sell it to someone who will be willing to make that "mistake"
KMCROC54  +   1194d ago
That will never happen,the same way gamers will never be happy.
NYC_Gamer  +   1194d ago
Nintendo should just buy the rights to all of Rare classic titles since MS aren't using them
edonus   1194d ago | Spam
majiebeast  +   1194d ago
Rare:We want to make Kameo 2
Rare:We want to make a proper Banjo kazooie game.
Rare:We want to make Killerinstinct 3
M$:For whining so much about wanting to create core games were gonna put you in charge of making avatar crap and kinect games.
aviator189  +   1194d ago
Hopefully, with the start of a new generation, MS takes as many chances as it did with the years of the original xbox and the first few years of the xbox 360.
The_Infected  +   1194d ago
Everyone keeps saying M$ is killing Rare. I think they already killed Rare not going to. Sucks because they were once good. They're still talented I guess just held back from what the could do.
BitbyDeath  +   1194d ago
I disagree, Bungie has stopped making Halo yet the new one being developed by a new team is looking better than ever.

Case/point - You don't need the original developers to make great things just the IP's (which they have).
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The_Infected  +   1194d ago
Well lets put it this way without Bungie would Halo exist for the 343 to make in the first place? No.
Adolph Fitler  +   1194d ago
MS have done nothing but screw up any great developer they've touched.
I was starting to warm to MS, but after reading this, I think they are exactly as bad as I thought they always were.

They made a mess of Rare (as they now seem to make either total crap like PDZ, or they make games with great idead, characters & such like Kameo that just feel rushed, unpolished & commit cardinal sins that Rare would never commit with there N64 titles, with bad, sloppy controls being a big detracter from Kameo.
Also, before Oddworld Inhabants went down the drain fully, MS got them spinning well & truly towards the gurgler.

Sony really do support there studios in whatever they want to do, they encourage creative after saying that, Sony's infrastructure ever since Krazy Ken was let go has changed in many ways for the, is that PS4 will be a strictly by the numbers machine, with no unique, defining qualities to differentiate it from 720, or similar powered pc's.
2. Sony supported Team Ico, Evolution Studios & all there other inhouse development studios in creating new ip's & new games, even if they were not mainstream ideas (the best example of this is with Ico & it's flop-pular sales, then allowing & encouraging Team Ico to go on & do another non-mainstream title in SOTC), but since PS3 started losing money consisitantly many of there most awesome developers have been delegated to crappy stuff like Home & Singstar as with Cambridge Studios & Team Soho, & now without even getting a crack at any PS3 titles, they have been disassembled, re-arranged, stripped down & ruined.

MS should have greenlighted Killer Instinct 3 long ago, & seeing how they didn't, they should realize the error of there ways & fund the game immediately, before EVERY Rare employee has the ex- in front.
Just like Bungie & other great developers that are railroaded into making the same game over & over again, if creative people aren't allowed to create, then they get really bored & will eventually seek opportunities elsewhere to create. Making 10 Halo's is not creating anymore, as a team of Bungie's calibre are merely running on fumes to make there 4th, 5th, 6th & so on & so on, Halo's.
KMCROC54  +   1194d ago
Bungie made H1,

Ensemble studios made Halo Wars

343i rebooted Halo Combat Evolved Ann.,as well as H4,H5,H6

So where do see bungie having made 10 halo games.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   1194d ago
Perfect Dark will be a Durango release game. Mark my words.
aiBreeze  +   1194d ago
As much as I'd love to jump on the M$ hate bandwagon and get my Aaron Greenberg voodoo doll out but tbh, go hate on all the idiots who keep going out and buying new 360s. Microsoft's strategy is working perfectly for them, they are in the best position out of the three console makers and almost certainly make the most profit.

Until people decide they've had enough of Microsoft and their casual crap, you'll never see Killer Instinct 3 or many other new non Halo, Gears, Forza games to get excited about in the foreseeable future.

I'd like to think in an ideal world Microsoft would recognize the importance of their core fanbase especially with the next gen around the corner but the truth is, they currently have no reason to care about us other than throwing us the occasional Halo bone.
Tito08  +   1193d ago
I think Microsoft doesn't care too much since they're relying mostly on the same IPs & the multiplats, especially the halo, Forza & Call of Duty series, when they took most exclusivity from Sony, a letting publishers know multiplat is the way to go, this is why they rushed the 360 to market, cause then they would create the industry standards and they would be the first to benefit the most from key muliplat games, one reason Microsoft is profiting the most out of the 3 is because they don't support anything other than the 360, they don't have a handheld, cause they failed miserably with the Zune....

This is why great publishers like Capcom & Square Enix have become two of the shittiest companies in the gaming business along with Activision & EA....

Even if I'm a Sony guy, that doesn't mean Sony can't be blamed, cause seriously their early claims of how powerful the PS3 was & how expensive became is what really screwed them up.... There are things that I think needs to be fixed, they should think back in the PS1/2 days, what they didn't right, & what they did wrong with the PS3, but that's just me, others might disagree with me... I think there are people and gamers in the industry that hates Sony because of the demise of Sega when in reality Sega was at fault for the Saturn & Dreamcast's demise!!!!
wages of sin  +   1194d ago
Look at all the Sony fanboys crawling out of the toilet to comment on a 360 article, typical N4G bullshit.


What planet do you idiot drama queens come from? In a world where global economies are near total collapse, you fools keep talking about companies spending millions to make games that won't recoup the losses. You wonder why there aren't new consoles, yet you fail to see the obvious because you're either too young, naive or stupid.

I wonder what the perecentage of people commenting that have actually played KI is. The market is vastly different then it used to be, simply remaking "classics" isn't a guarentee of success. Just look at remakes of classics that have failed. You guys need to wake up, seriously.
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aiBreeze  +   1194d ago
I find it ironic you imply I'm an idiot drama queen yet your post seemed way more dramatic than mine. I'm just saying it how it is.. Microsoft are in a great position right now and have no reason to change that. As a core gamer, I'd ideally like to think Microsoft value me more especially as a potentially early adopter for the next gen. Yet there you go spouting economy doom and gloom yet I'm the drama queeen?

How do you know the games won't recoup the losses? Killer Instinct 3 might not be hit but I'm fairly certain that if Microsoft put a bit more focus on their core, they could easily create 3-4 more IPs like Gears, Halo etc that would make them a ton of money. Nobody does marketing like Microsoft and nobody knows how to push their IPs for maximum profit while keeping their fans happy like Microsoft. Adding some new core games to their lineup would be nothing but a financial good thing for them.
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