Frontlines X360 Multiplayer Tested - "Desert Combat Team Set to Challenge CoD4's crown"

THQ recently held a big multiplayer preview session for the Xbox 360 version of their upcoming FPS Frontlines: Fuel of War in Sydney, and Gameplayer were there. They have given an in-depth account of how the game played and what gamers can expect in this article.

"All of a sudden the part of the mini-map covered in a blue (meaning good) haze will diminish as the enemy's evil red haze swarms forward. In addition you can only capture command points at the frontline, so flanking deep into the enemy territory has little benefit – unless you're a good-for-nothing, scum-of-cyberspace, spawn-camping dickhead."

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KILLERAPP3818d ago

This is just Funny they can’t even get the game to play on the PS3 and they think they can beat Call Of Duty 4 this is hilarious thanks for the joke ill be surprise if this game sells more than 100,000 units in its life time.

socomnick3818d ago

Dont forget that the ps3 version of cod 4 fails to work on the ps3 too sometimes.

heavyarms3818d ago

The game play online sounds great. I may just give this a try simply because i like this genre of games.

HolySoldier833818d ago

But the preview is from around the first or 2 of january this year, Plus they made an error they said it had no jets. This video was released 6 days ago on ign and posted on

as you can see there is definatly jets on some of the maps.

SlappingOysters3818d ago

Aussie site dude, they have their dates around the other way - so it is actually from today.

mesh13818d ago

after watching that trailers this game is going to own

Lyberator3818d ago

I think this has potential but I want a MP demo before I decide anything.

jackdoe3818d ago

What CoD 4 crown? Constant server disconnects and issues and frustrating lack of support from IW? Frontlines can have that crown.

SlappingOysters3818d ago

yeah, but wasn't there a report the other day that CoD4 had overtaken Halo 3 as the most played game on Live?

FirstknighT3818d ago

That was awhile ago. Halo 3 is back on top.

mullet3818d ago

I'm sorry but Frontlines was a horrible demo.

Delt43818d ago

mullet i agree! i might try a MP demo but seriously if that didnt go better than the original demo then this isnt even on my wont even be a rental

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The story is too old to be commented.