A Moment of Silence For Nintendo Power | It was announced today that legendary gaming magazine Nintendo Power will no longer be releasing any more issues, due to the publication’s shut down.

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Bantasaur1886d ago

This is the saddest thing i have seen all month...

AztecFalcon1886d ago

I still have my Ocarina of Time announcement issue. :(

browngamer411886d ago

Apparently you don't according to your disagree..I swear some people just want to hate on

AWBrawler1885d ago

I still have the first DS and Wii Issues and all the GBA ones

mike1up1886d ago

Thank you for all the memories, and help.

FinalomegaS1886d ago

still have a few issues in my boxes.

have one somewhere on top of a desk somewhere with the "new" pokemon ... was like 10 years ago , whats the name Lugia?

sumfood4u1886d ago

Very sad moment in gaming history, I hope Nintendo reborns a new Nintendo magazine. Physical copies of gaming items will always have a place for gamers.

AWBrawler1885d ago

I have a gut feeling they'll make a new one. it would be odd to be the top dog in gaming right now, yet the only console without an official magazine

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The story is too old to be commented.