New Killzone 2 Screenshot

Brand new screenshot of Killzone 2. This screen shows off some of the lighting player will see as well as the rocket launcher.

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NoUseMerc3823d ago

If this is in-game, all I have to say is that the textures could use a bit of work. The character models and ambient objects look good but the environmental textures like buildings and railings and stuff look a little bland.

Also the lighting system looks great. I like the lighting on the scaffolding where the Helgast are crossing and the rocket launcher looks alright. I don't know if I like the green orb looking thing for the eye sight.

Cwalat3823d ago

this is a new SCREENSHOT, it never said if its from the prealpha version or the final game, THIS pic is defenitily PRE alpha, ive seen that place in the tech demo they showed, its not to show of the final game, only what technology they are using. these guys work really hard and u will remember my post when u see the newer pics at GDC, so remember that i posted this.

btw, i would be surprised to see this game come out before november,
this is not a game that needs to be rushed, from all the hype they released back in 2005, this game is gonna show what the PS3 was made for, and if they dont deliver that, many gamers would consider PS3 a failure... however if they do deliver(which i know they will) then gamers are gonna know that PS is the real gaming brand...

Panthers3823d ago

Hmm I dont see what you see. The pic is small but it looks great.

Rockwallaby3823d ago

Bit low res to criticise, the lighting is said to be very important to the gameplay, hopefully they have a lot of new info @ GDC

3823d ago
Violater3823d ago

ohh the textures how will we live.

Delt43823d ago

The pic is a low quality picture. But i am so excited for this game. I cant wait to see how the shadows in the game will effect PSN play. It is gunna be WILD!!! GIMME GIMME GIMME

sonarus3823d ago

KZ2 looks sweet. This game better not miss its september launch date. September is even pushing it farther than necessary. hopefully it releases in july and then resistance can take september.

jackdoe3823d ago

Many of you guys obviously don't understand the reason of the gamerzone. Sigh.

Winter47th3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

Textures need a lot of work ? lol, alright crawl back to the troll cave will ya, at least it's HD ;)

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TheHater3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

isn't that image from the E3 trailer?

Edit: Ok thanks, because I was a little confuse. But didn't PSU played Killzone 2 at E3? So this could have been from their play trough of the game.

NoUseMerc3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

no...there is no scenes from E3 that show the rocket launcher. If you check, which I have, there are no scenes with the rocket launcher facing Helgast coming over a scaffold either...

The only video that shows a rocket launcher is from the GC Leipzig showings

Ri0tSquad3823d ago

It doesn't look like any other pictures or on-stage video from E3 we have seen.

The_Kills3823d ago


There are countless games who's pre-release screenshots are refined to exagerate the actual game's graphics

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The story is too old to be commented.