CheatCC Hands-On Preview: MLB 08: The Show - Toss Me the Rosin Bag

CheatCC writes: "It may be snowing outside, but the folks at Sony are almost ready to treat you to a little summer heat. MLB 08: The Show will release on the 4th of March exclusively for the Sony platforms. We got a sneak peak at the preview code of all three systems, and all of them look to be rounding third and are heading for home. The PS3 edition is, of course, the deepest title of the three. However the PS2 and PSP versions are very compelling in their own right. In fact, the PS2 title will be very similar except for specific online features and graphic detail. As for the PS3 version, the gameplay is nearly identical to last year's edition, but many subtle nuances have changed that make the experience even more realistic. The PSP has become deeper too and has a few handheld-friendly improvements that fans have longed for."

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