The Walking Dead Ep. 3 Playable at PAX Prime - Available To Download Soon?

DualShock Nexus: We recently recieved an invite from Telltale Games to get hands-on time with the next episode of The Walking Dead, "Long Road Ahead" at PAX Prime. Episode three was originally thought to release "mid August" but unfortunately September is just around the corner and we have no idea when we can continue the adventure. PAX will be here in time for August, but will episode three arrive before months end?

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Excalibur2308d ago

I am enjoying the hell out of TWD but this every two months releases are getting to be B.S.

This is the first and last time I ever get involved in a serialized game.

thorstein2308d ago

It is certainly worth it. I mean, it is a great game, and I don't want it to be rushed (and possibly ruined(see latest Skyrim DLC for PS3)).

The finished product will be great!

Hisiru2308d ago

Looks like there is only 5 episodes. But I agree with you.

And yes! This game is amazing! I still need to play the second episode.

Treezy5042308d ago

I've got the first two for free via PS Plus, think I'll do like the Back to the Future game and wait until they are all out and then go to town and have a Walking Dead gaming marathon.

flavorbabies2308d ago

Or if you're just too impatient get into one when all of the episodes are released so you can play them together.

goldwyncq2308d ago

Telltale used to release episodes every month. This is the only time they released every two months instead.

jon12342308d ago

thats bullshit! we got back to the future every month, we have to wait 2 months for this game....

Soldierone2308d ago

They promised monthly releases....wth? So its basically "we release them whenever we feel like it" now....

Only reason I ever even jumped into it was because I wanted some Walking Dead to hold me over till the show came back much for that.

Smokeeye1232308d ago

It has to be next week for PSN or else they wouldnt meet their deadline...

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