ToeJam & Earl XBLA Bound, Outed By Achievement List

Although yet to be officially announced by Sega, the rumored XBLA and PSN release of ToeJam & Earl just got a little more official. The complete Xbox 360 achievements list for the title has been revealed, strongly indicating that a release isn’t too far off.

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pinwheelherman2099d ago

I swear, I'm getting every single one of those achievements. I have an actual copy of TJ&E right here (along with the sequel), but I'll buy it again on XBLA for the achievements alone.

It's one of those strange games that some people don't like because of it's slow pace, but I've gone back to it in recent years and still find it fun to complete. And that music....

HarvesterOSarow2098d ago

Boom Clap, Boom Ashaka Clap

JellyJelly2099d ago

F*ck yeah! I hope it gets some proper HD treatment as well.

Reaper99372099d ago

Please Sega, release this for PS VITA as well, TJ&E on the go...awsome.

glennco2098d ago

whhhake up, Wake up, WAKE UUUP