Death Rally Review (Proven Gamer)

Death Rally is a top-down racer-shooter game now available on Steam that was originally released in 1996 on the MS DOS personal computer. This new edition on Steam has had a few upgrades. The graphics on the DOS system were of typical 1990’s graphics: the era of when games were leaving the Bit era and entering the 3-D visual style of gameplay. Death Rally originally leaned towards the bit style. Now on the version on Steam the graphics have improved greatly. It resembles the graphics of the IOS version, but a bit more advanced. It isn’t top notch for a PC game of this generation, but it’s still easy to look at. But for the game itself, the concept is simple: Go fast and blow up anything that moves. It was good mindless fun back then and apparently still is. Even as a gamer who avoids racing games, I have to say I enjoyed it quite a bit.

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