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Submitted by paybackprahl 1268d ago | rumor

Kingdom Hearts III, HD collection likely - Dream Drop Distance "spells it out"

PSU writes: "WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for things that happen during the credits of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. The ending of the game is NOT spoiled, but please read at your own risk.

We've waited. And waited. And breathed sighs of dissent as spin-off after spin-off flooded the market and fleshed out the Kingdom Hearts mythos without moving the story forward to the sequel we've been anticipating for years: Kingdom Hearts III.

The wait is over. Kingdom Hearts III is coming, and it's the next game in the series." (3DS, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, PS3)

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Hufandpuf  +   1268d ago
I won't believe it until I taste it.
EDI  +   1268d ago
Can we revisit this?
BiggCMan  +   1268d ago
I don't want to read this because it says there is spoilers in the article (Just started Kingdom Hearts 1 for the very first time, will be getting into the series now) . So can someone read this entire article for me and tell me if the game is really confirmed, or just speculation? Like official statements and stuff?
TheFinalEpisode  +   1268d ago
An HD collection with 5 games would be awesome! However I feel Dream Drop Distance is more important than 358/2 days and would translate better to the ps3
trenso1  +   1268d ago
@BiggCMAn it honestly has no major spoilers except for what happens in the ending credits.

OT:we all know KH3 is coming after dream drop distance nomura said that this game leads into the third one. but i do like what he said on the secret message ive been scratching my head as to what could mean. since awakening made me think of Ven and aqua. but i hope his theory is true.
showtimefolks  +   1268d ago
didn't sony said expect more news about HD collections or something like that? What i don't like about HD collections are the trends that it can only have max of 3 games. Like ratchet and clank even though it had 4 games on ps2 we are only getting 3 why? Put all 4 on one disk and charge an extra 10 to make it $49.99

If SE is gonna do this right i hope we get a HD collection done right and all games but most likely we will get 2 or 3.

And its not a matter of if we will get a hd collection but when
wishingW3L  +   1268d ago
The newer GOW collection will have 5 games though, maybe Square could pull off something similar.
trenso1  +   1268d ago
i believe the RE collection on ps3 has about 6 games
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   1268d ago
I've read nearly all of Nomura's interviews in the past year about KH and he's constantly said that they were doing HD tests. I also remember him saying something about wanting to have an analog stick for 358/2 Days. And multiple times he has expressed concern on the series being spread out over many consoles and he wanted to do something about that, whether it be a recap in the form of a scene in the beginning of KH3 or writing or something. Combine that with the message at the end of DDD and I think a collection is likely. Now the question is will it include most of the games and Final Mix versions, and when will it release.
Godchild1020  +   1268d ago
At wishingW3L, the first 3 are on Disc and the PSP remaster version are downloadable. So, I think only 3 games in a collection on disc still apply.

I would love an HD collection of KH even if all of them are not on one disc.
Kin23g  +   1268d ago
Now that's GOOD NEWS.

I'm about to die out of excitement. I really need Birth by Sleep to be on that disc.
WildArmed  +   1268d ago
BBS, I wouldn't mind playing that piece of art again.

That game is what got me into KH, now I wanna play the rest of the KH games.. really holding out for a HD collection.
porgep  +   1268d ago
Woah, that's pretty clever!
-Mika-  +   1268d ago
Not eally. The author of the article got it wrong.

The past will be reawakened
as a new number
in never-before-seen detail

That doesn't mean HD remake. That means that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be coming to HD consoles.

I know alot of fans want to see an HD collection but it might never happen. There're just too many Disney licenses involve for them to make it happen. They would have to renew all of the licenses and get the approval again for all of the Disney characters that appeared in both games. That going to cost alot of money and it will be really time consuming. You guys really have to understand that. So the chances are really not that high for a HD remake.
#2.1 (Edited 1268d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(21) | Report | Reply
paybackprahl  +   1268d ago
How does that explain "the past will be reawakened"?

I think it's pretty clear that "in never-before-seen detail" is referencing "the past", which makes me think immediately of HD collection.
-Mika-  +   1268d ago
Why would an HD remake be considered a new number in the franchise. You're clearly ignoring that part of the quote.

"The past will be reawakened" obviously must be related to the KH story. It does not have nothing to do with an HD remake.
#2.1.2 (Edited 1268d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(11) | Report
youndamie  +   1268d ago
uhh no their are no licenses issues the games were made in conjunction with Disney and square.
TenkoTAiLS  +   1267d ago

Actually there are some licenses involved outside of Disney and Square. Especially where they use Disney movies based on borrowed intellectual property.

Why do you think Deep Jungle and Tarzan never showed up outside of the original Kingdom Hearts? Even in CoM and Re:CoM where he is supposed to relive each world he visited.

Edgar Rice Burroughs estate is why. It didn't appear in any further games due to Square Enix's failure to acquire the required rights from the family of Edgar Rice Burroughs.
Irishguy95  +   1268d ago
Nomura already confirmed KH3 is in development, just don't expect it to go into full production until Versus is complete
-Omega  +   1268d ago
Well they better include alongside Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2 all the games released after KH2.

Birth By Sleep
365/2 days
Dream Drop Distance

Because having a franchise which mostly Playstation fans experienced then having a game like Dream Drop Distance on aother platform, a game NEEDED to understand KH3...well I just think it's silly and unfair to KH fans. I mean not everyone is made on money to buy a handheld just to play a KH game.

Oh and I think they should include the final mix versions in english for the KH collection.
#3 (Edited 1268d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
BlackTar187  +   1268d ago
Square are messed up in this practice IMHO
paybackprahl  +   1268d ago
Final Mix content: YES PLEASE
Freakazoid2012  +   1268d ago
Square well known to go with the best selling platform.Just look at their 2 biggest franchises FF and DQ. Both started on Nintendo consoles,jumped to PS and are now either back on Nintendo platforms or Multi platform

If you are a fan of games and not consoles it wont matter what platform they put it on, you'll get it. They know this and that is all that matters to them.

I do find that "Mostly Playstation fans experienced." insulting. While I have owned all PS consoles, I also own all Nintendo consoles and a PC. I dont consider myself a PS fan or a Nintendo fan or a PC fan. I am a fan of gaming. Which is why it wont bother me what platform KH is on. I'll be able to enjoy it if I choose to.
Moby-Royale  +   1268d ago
I'm sorry but I completely disagree(respectfully).

I am not a fan of consoles. What I am also not a fan of is the idea that if I love kingdom hearts then I must also buy x, x, and x platform.

I don't enjoy handheld gaming. Even if I did enjoy it, I shouldn't have to buy four different platforms in which to play it.

Now, I'm glad for 3DS owners, psp owners, and gba owners that they were able to experience this great franchise.

But now, I feel that it would be a nice notion for them to make these, seemingly essential, stories available for the fans of the first two games that just didn't want to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars just to play one game.
BlackTar187  +   1268d ago
Freak i respectfully completely disagree and in no way agree with anything you said. To provide a some what defense for how they do business is sad in itself.

KH 1 & 2 were ps games they are the main story the drive that led this franchise forward. Square are backwards and have done nothing but bitter thei name in fans mouths since they became SQUAREENix
#3.3.2 (Edited 1268d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report
-Omega  +   1268d ago
Well I find it "insulting" that Square would release spin offs vital to the main series on Nintendo platforms instead of the PS3 where most of the KH fanbase is located. I'm not saying I havent bought Nintendo consoles I just find it silly o release them on those handhelds instead of where most of the fans are.

They did the same with Chain of Memories...without COM you were lost in KH2 story, once you had played COM (I just watched the cutscenes online) I enjoyed KH2 much more. So basicaly a gameboy advance game was needed to understand KH2, a game on the does that work.

Hell even if they just released all the spin offs on the PSP/PSV and kept the main games on the PS2/PS3 least then all of the games would be seperated on differn't platforms and they have a bigger chance of being available from the PS store.
#3.3.3 (Edited 1268d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report
Freakazoid2012  +   1268d ago
Well I mean you are both welcome to disagree but nothing you said proved what I said wrong in any way.

Whether you agree or not is irrelevant to the issue of them being platform jumpers.

KH has been on every portable as well as the PS2. So you played 2 out of what 5-6 games. And that not only makes you a big fan but some how SE should now cater to the only platform you own and nothing else?
It's not going to happen and no matter how many people click disagree it does not change the fact that Squares history shows them to be a platform jumper.

I got an N64 for FF7. Then I had to get it on PC because it never actually came to the N64. I didnt cry about it. I just knew I had to play it because I had loved every FF game before it.

If I were like you guys I would have missed out on 7 ,8,9,10 etc and sat around pouting about it acting like me buying FF1-6 on Nintendo consoles some how made SE indebted to me. It didnt. They made great games and I bought them.

@blacktar, The ONLY way to be shocked by their current actions is to be ignorant of their past. Had you known their past, you wouldnt be surprised by how they are acting now. I know Im not but ive been playing their games and watching how they do business for almost 30 years now.

BTW I thnk you both for your response and I dont mean to be insulting if it comes across as such.

I just cant believe you both call yourself fans, yet know nothing of how they do business
#3.3.4 (Edited 1268d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(7) | Report
DragonKnight  +   1268d ago
@Freakazoid2012: They may have not, but I will prove you wrong. First of all, SE are platform jumpers. Squaresoft weren't. They did it one time because of technology, not money.

Final Fantasy started on Nintendo yes, but when it came time to have FF7 come out Nintendo's cartridge based N64 wasn't going to cut it for how Sakaguchi envisioned the game. Since PS1 was new and unknown, Squaresoft couldn't have jumped to it for money since it was a BIG risk to do so.

KH started life on PS2. It sold because of PS2 popularity and a unique take for an RPG game. SE are platform jumpers due to ease of development or potential audience size. They have learned the Western business philosophy very well. Taking a game that has significant story developments (KH:CoM) and putting it on a handheld after there has only been 1 game in the series on a console, all while hinting that it's going to continue as such, is bad business.

You can love a game, but you don't have to love spending money on platforms just to play one game. There are plenty of people that don't like handheld gaming, but do have an interest in KH's story. They shouldn't have to suffer because they don't want to go broke buying various platforms for a series they like. SE placed KH on various platforms to A)Train development teams with easy to develop platforms. B)Spend less money on development while gaining fan dollars from people with more money than sense. And C)Extend their arrogant presence among multiple platforms. SE believe themselves to be pivotal in the success of platforms thanks to a swell head they received from FF's success.

It also isn't out of the realm of possibility that they were paid to put multiple games on multiple platforms. As for their current multiplat status, that's definitely for money and exposure though their quality has declined greatly.

In the end, there is no justification for this and people shouldn't have to "just accept it" as your posts imply.
Moby-Royale  +   1268d ago
Lol I guess you can't read.

" Now, I'm gladfor3DS owners, psp owners, and gba owners that they were able to experience this great franchise.

But now, I feel that it would be a nice notion for them to make these, seemingly essential, stories available for the fans of the first two games that just didn't want to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars just to play one game."

That's somehow catering ONLY to us right?

Um, no.

What that is, is simply asking to be included.

Don't be a little brat about it, k?

Nobody is "shocked". We just want to be included now that they seem to be gearing up to KHIII.

Nobody is trying to debunk YOUR opinion. We simply disagree.

Can you handle that? No.

You fire back with how we "didn't prove you wrong" and blah blah, blah blah, blah blah blah.

It's not about right and wrong, freak....azoid.

You really made a fool out of yourself and really showed your insecurities because a few people, with respect, disagreed.

Part of me is mad at you. The other part is sad for you.

Freakazoid2012  +   1268d ago
Moby-Royale,Oh so this is what your angry crying PM was about? Seem you are letting your anger get the best of you. Why not have mom and take you out for some ice cream and cool off...

Oh well I can at least look forward to more hate filled PMs
#3.3.7 (Edited 1268d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report
TenkoTAiLS  +   1268d ago
People always seem to use this "it's a Playstation franchise" or "mostly Playstation" argument. But truth is there's been 4 games on Playstation format (KH, KH II, Re:CoM and BBS), only 3 if you live in European territory's since they missed Re:CoM.

And there's been 4 games on Nintendos format, (the original CoM, 358/2 Days, Re:Coded and DDD). Yes the two numbered games are on Playstation, but the fact still stands that both Playstation and Nintendo have had an even amount of games.

People have their own opinions, and not everyone can afford to have multiple consoles. But each game adds to overall story, some not as much as others. CoM helps a lot with understanding KH II, and DDD is very relevant to the main story. While 358/2 Days isn't "important" in a broad term, it introduced an important character in Roxas's past and showed the Organization from the inside. Re:Coded was rather lax in the addition to the main story, it was a really fun game, the change of play style and mini game type areas were refreshing. And fixing the journal did give a little insight into where the series was heading at the time.

As I said, it's all personal preference and opinion, but as far as number of games goes both Nintendo and Playstation have an equal amount, importance on contents aside.
KentBlake  +   1268d ago
I hope so. This HD collection is my most awaited announcement of 2012!
SoundGamer  +   1268d ago
I doubt there will be an HD collection. And if there is, a lot of games will be left out.

Also, KH III was confirmed long ago as the next game after Dream.Drop.Distance. However, I still don't think we will see it for ages.
-MD-  +   1267d ago
I'd be cool with just 1/2 in an HD collection. I'd like the handhelds ones but I wouldn't be too bothered if they weren't included.
dragon_rocks  +   1268d ago
If they do make a HD collection I hope they use the Final Mix versions of the games (option of Full English dialogues and text please).
MaideninBlack  +   1268d ago
KHIII? KHHD? Which ever it is it'll be out b4 Versus at this rate.
#7 (Edited 1268d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
MoB21  +   1268d ago
I think we'll here something come TGS time...
MoB21  +   1268d ago
Wow can't believe i misspelled hear. Lol
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1268d ago
Ive said it before if KH gets an HD FInal mix collection I will w8 aslong As I have to for KH3.
taquito  +   1268d ago
the first 2 kingdom hearts games are on pc in 1080p with 8x anti aliasing, higher than the ps3/360 will ever render them, and its free if you own the original games, if not buy them at gamestop for $15-$20 and pop them in your pc's dvd drive, download PCSX2 and play them in glorious 1080p!

even if the do make "hd" remakes, they'll be 720p and still have jaggies like all other "hd" remakes that you could have on pc for free if you own the originals

no reason to kepp buying the same crap over and over
#10 (Edited 1268d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
srcBFMVBMTH  +   1268d ago
"the first 2 kingdom hearts games are on pc"

They were PS2 games that came out 10 years ago. And not to mention they are story based games, not a lot of people will care if they are at "1080p with 8x anti aliasing" blah blah blah. Lol. If you are just playing them now on PC then you are waaaaaaaay late to the party kid. :)
taquito  +   1268d ago
lol....i played them long ago on ps2, they were great, they are even better now on pc, 1080p 8x aa making console remakes look last gen
srcBFMVBMTH  +   1268d ago
Like I said. If you were a REAL gamer. You wouldn't just be playing Kingdom Hearts games just for graphics. They are story based games. Nobody will really care if they are running at "1080p with 8x anti aliasing". They just want to play it on the platform they prefer for nostalgic reasons. It's a shame most PC gamers who don't own consoles have to wait like 10 YEARS just to enjoy those games Looooooooool

"1080p 8x aa making console remakes look last gen"

First of all, I really doubt that kid. And second of all, NOBODY WOULD GIVE A SHIT hahaha.
taquito  +   1268d ago
really, hmmmm, wonder why these "hd" remakes are selling so well if "real" gamers don't care?

lol you so jelly, you got a beige pc with a Pentium 2 down there in ur moms basement with your ps3 that you just got in that hateraide taste, i had my ps3 on launch, it was kool in 2006, now....mehhh....its ok

as for consoles, i have a ps2, gamecube, wii, ds, psp, iphone, ipad 2, ps3, 360, 3ds, 2 gaming rigs that make games look better than anything next gen consoles will, I don't ever miss any game....

guess what, since i dont trade my games in, and keep my collections, I'll be emulating ps3 games in 1600p (there is rumored to be a working emulator already, some russian dude made, sony is shutting his a$$ down quick't be long) while your poor a$$ is waiting for your console overlords to allow you to play the game you bought again, you think ps4 is gonna be Backwards compat?????

lol.....don't count on it, they love selling you the same sh!t over and over.
#10.2.1 (Edited 1268d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report
srcBFMVBMTH  +   1268d ago
"really, hmmmm, wonder why these "hd" remakes are selling so well if "real" gamers don't care?"

"lol you so jelly, you got a beige pc with a Pentium 2 down there in ur moms basement with your ps3 that you just got in that hateraide taste, i had my ps3 on launch, it was kool in 2006, now....mehhh....its ok."

WOOOW, your stupidity just hit an all time low kid. Lol. It's obvious you're mad buddy. Just calm down and breathe :)

Ever heard of something called "Nostalgia". Judging by your intelligence and your middle school level grammar. You probably never have HAHAHA.

"guess what, since i dont trade my games in, and keep my collections, I'll be emulating ps3 games in 1600p (there is rumored to be a working emulator already, some russian dude made, sony is shutting his a$$ down quick't be long)"

Get ready to wait YEARS before that ever launches buddy. Lol.

"while your poor a$$"

Poor ass? Lol. Coming from a kid you lives off his parents allowance and never went to school to try and fix his grammar.

"waiting for your console overlords to allow you to play the game you bought again".

That's what having your older console is for DERP.

And not to mention I'd take the inconvenience of not being backwards compat over more and more games having DRM's ANY FUCKING DAY.
#10.3 (Edited 1268d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
trenso1  +   1268d ago
who cares if its in 1080p? i dont PC gamers who are so obsessed with graphics KH is story driven, graphics play a small role in a great series of games. and HD remakes sell well because its nostalgia and the ability to play old games that you may no longer be able to.
BigStef71  +   1268d ago
Hopefully they do this collection for ps3. I never got to experience the greatness of these game on ps2
NBT91  +   1268d ago
Eh whatever, it will be here when its here now...
TheDivine  +   1268d ago
KH DDD isnt a spin off. It literally leads into 3 and sets up what the story will be. It was a great game. The biggest thing i think is flowmotion. Everybody loves it and it will def be in KH3. Even the square guys said they cant go back to the old games because they seem so slow. Cant wait although i think TWEWY 2 will come before KH3 and KH3 will release before VS13 lol.

I think there will be a collection most likely of 1, RE COM, and 2. BBS isnt even on psn so it wont be included. The ds titles just arent really feasable on hd consoles either. DDD will stay on 3ds im sure so we'll have a normal 3 game collection. Then again they like remixes and adding stuff so anythings possible.

I have no problem with KH on handhelds because i like handhelds, have a job to afford said handhelds, and i know thats whats the biggest sellers in Japan where the company is based. You personally are not their only priority. Just cause you only buy a ps2 and now ps3 doesnt mean jack. The only other important games ar on psp and 3ds (ds titles are BC btw) and DDD fills in ALL the blanks. It has a freaking novel explaining each game so thats not alot to buy. Plus they can barely afford to make any hd games bar FF so its handheld or bust.
paybackprahl  +   1268d ago
I agree with your thoughts on Flowmotion. I was skeptical at first, but it didn't take me long to fall in love with it. The brilliant thing is, it almost FORCES the developers to be more creative with their level design (out-of-reach chests, cool platforming, etc.) because your mobility is that much greater.

With some refinement, more contextual options, a bit of customization, Flowmotion could be really special. I hope we see it in KH3.
turgore  +   1268d ago
I want an HD collection.
BlueEye  +   1268d ago
This is very vague and kinda reeks of bullshit, but at this point I'm willing to sacrifice my sister to the mighty god Ra to get an HD collection and KH3 so lets hope it's coming in the near future.
iNFAMOUZ1  +   1268d ago
hopefully i loved KH1&2.. :) We need the third nowwww
r21  +   1268d ago
I'm thinking they're planning a MGS HD move. Release an HD collection for all platforms and then confuse the hell out of KH fans whether KH3 will be exclusive to PS or go multiplatform.
sdfewsdfew697   1268d ago | Spam
JAPS3KHLBP14  +   1268d ago
Holy fucking shit i hope this is true lol I love kingdom hearts!
Joyce7543   1268d ago | Spam
MoB21  +   1268d ago
But wait a second.. isn't this old news considering we knew about the secret message and whatnot for about a month now?
Xenomorph  +   1267d ago
As much as I dislike this series, they have taken SOOOOO long to come out with a third game. About time.
tubers  +   1267d ago
For some reason I hope the last one would rather be a KHBBS Vol. 2 on the VITA.. after KH3.. :)

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