Gamedaily: Games Likely to Cause a Breakup - It's Me or the Games

Gamedaily takes a look at at the 10 games that offer couples a one way ticket to splitsville.

1) World of Warcraft

The most popular massively-multiplayer game in the world sucks in millions of fans, often leaving non-gaming spouses and significant others neglected. So, while you're rare material farming, going on a massive raiding party or kicking back at an Azeroth Inn with some guild mate, your significant other may look for a new person to form a real-life party with.

2) EverQuest

EverQuest is the original heartbreaker, wrecking relationships long
before World of Warcraft hit the scene. Online support groups were set up to help women whose husbands/boyfriends would rather spend time playing with busty elves than with them.

3) BioShock

Be careful how you play this game, especially when in a serious relationship.

4) Rumble Roses XX

It's hard to justify Rumble Roses to non-gamer spouses and girlfriends.

5) Animal Crossing

This cute looking game, featuring cheery characters and animal neighbors, inadvertently sparked numerous fights and disputes.

6) Final Fantasy

You know it's time to take a break when breeding chocobos is preferable to enjoying a night on the town,

7) DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball

Let's be honest... nobody picks up DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball expecting a good volleyball game.

8) Civilization

Empires aren't built in an hour. It takes days worth of meticulous planning to conquer the world, leaving little time for real-world micromanagement like dating, eating, conversing and catching sunlight.

9) The Sims 2

Things always start innocently with The Sims.

10) Gears of War

Although Gears of War has plenty of brutal violence, bloodshed and profanity, it's not the actual game that drives couples apart... it's how some guys get when they play it.

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mintaro3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

DoA extreme beach relationship can withstand the force of
"what is that?"(uhh its just a regular volleyball game, yunno, same ol, same ol) "oh really? why does it have pictures of girls in bikinis? are you not happy with me?" ("muttering" gosh....i should have dated that girl from the beach......)

killer_trap3763d ago

if a relationship is to thin to hold over a video game then it shouldn't be made at the first place.

Robocod3763d ago

FOOTBALL MANAGER by Sports Interactive.

Cited as the cause for 35 divorces last year. Dont believe me google it!

Yi-Long3763d ago

... my girlfriend doesnt like me when I play Pro Evo 5, and how pissed off I can get when the CPU 'cheats'.

Other than that, we're cool, and we've been together for over 7 years :D