OK, 'Guitar Hero,' Can You Play The Real Thing?

Lisa Gutierrez, of the Kansas City Star, takes a look at Guitar Hero players compared to real guitar players:

"Guitarists and guitar instructors say playing the game and playing guitar have very little in common. Prowess on one does not translate to proficiency on the other. Professional guitarists, in fact, often find the game confusing."

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gamesblow3854d ago

I play guitar in a (pretty damn good band check my site) and can tell you this right now.. Guitar hero hasn't tought me anything. It's simon with better sounds. 5 buttons, in a line, on a plastic guitar doesn't cut it for me.

Now, there is a new device coming out with little shapes and stars and such and they're placed all over the frets, with 12 bars... and full octave useage to boot. That might be something to look into. Guitar hero is a passing good time. As I said, it's memory match/Simon for the pop culture kids.

dachiefsman3854d ago

I suck at both....but I have more respect for a "real" guitar player, but I do think some GH players are sick especially those who can play through expert on Fires and Flames...


Oilers Fan3854d ago

guitar hero is hype.

Same with the chiefs, we better get an O line this draft

dachiefsman3854d ago

heard it....1st pick should be O-line or QB

kurochi3854d ago

Hope 1st pick will be Long....

DTClown3854d ago

when I was the one who originally tipped it?!
That's jacked.

And guys, our first pick needs to be a new head coach! (and GM) Both can be found in Bill 2009. You heard it here FIRST!!!

dachiefsman3854d ago

i agree but its not going to change any time soon

mistertwoturbo3854d ago

Jesus christ people, let this whole Guitar Hero vs Real Guitar thing die already. Guitar Hero is a VIDEO GAME meant for FUNNNNNNNNNNNN. Not to be compared to real rock or whatever.

Cryos3854d ago

Guitar Hero doesn't teach you guitar......

But Halo, and any other shooter teach you violence and gun handling?

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