Crysis sold 1 million copies worldwide

After listening to the Q3 2008 Electronic Arts Earnings Conference Call we have learned that Crysis has been a strong performer with sales having exceeded expectations. EA also reported Crysis reaching the platinum mark meaning over 1 million copies of the game have been sold worldwide.

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fermcr3674d ago

me TOO ... i also was one in a million :)

led10903674d ago

omg after all the talk bout this game being a big we have the perfect reply....incredible.....and now dont say 1 million is meh cause for a pc game its we have the 5th million selling pc game this yr.....

led10903674d ago

sorry for the double post but i can imagine the amount of profit crytek must have made by now with all the engine licensing and stuff like that plus now the game revenues will only serve as a big bonus....congrats crytek!!!!

shine13963674d ago

'hmm. crysis fight the war...or wait the PC doesn't have competition...'
'Oh yeah! more pcs get sold in a year then wii's/ps3/360's put together!!!!'
Ahh whatever...great news for those who love pushing the boundaries of technology...
PS anyone know where we can get charts for all format charts (console and pc)?

bootsielon3674d ago

Judging by the amount of people that worked on this game, who knows how much EA spent on this big boy. Even if it earns money, the amount of money earned could not be enough for EA to remain satisfied. And you think they will be satisfied? Crysis on consoles is only a matter of time. There's no reason for EA to keep it as a PC exclusive. And if it requires dumbing it down... well, so it will be.

funkeystu3674d ago

I think your average console wouldn't have the required ram to support all the on-screen objects that crysis requires. Although they can run the engine, Farcry 2 is generally far more barren, has fewer trees/buildings/mountains and has noticeably lower polygon counts (and instead appears to rely more heavily on shaders).

I very much doubt Crysis will come to consoles in this generation without majorly scaling down the resolution of the textures, the number of polygons on screen or the number of objects on screen.

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The story is too old to be commented.