IGN's N+ preview - Who knew ninja loved gold?

In this era of incredibly sharp graphics, titles that pack multiple textures as well as shaders and other visually intensive elements, it's easy to overlook games with a much simpler presentation. Some of these titles have managed to gather a cult following, primarily because the gameplay is engaging and there's a lot of depth. Take the indie game N, for example, which was released in 2004 by MetaNet Software. A simple puzzle platformer with a large amount of depth thanks to its gameplay and its included level creator, N has become a cult hit for computer owners. Now, Silverbirch Studios and Atari are bringing this classic to PSPs with their updated sequel, N+.

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permutated3461d ago

I've watched all the videos and I still don't understand the hype around this game.

Would someone please explain to me why they find it so interesting? I'm not bashing it by any means, I seriously just want to know.