Top 5 – Most Relaxing Video Game Music

Tired of your old traditional Mozart and classical music? Want to try something different? Why not listen to some video game music?

This list of top five video game music contains the most relaxing music suitable for a study environment. Relaxing music is not limited to classical music on a piano. The best musical pieces can come from many gaming consoles and from different musical instruments.

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BigDollarZoe9542011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Legend Of Zelda Wind Waker another good one

Hitsu1232011d ago

Chrono Cross - Jelly Fish Sea

Chrono Cross - Another Guldove

well basically a ton of songs from Chrono Cross

TheLyonKing2011d ago

Dearly beloveed is really relaxing on of the best music in video games however if I want to relax I listen to breezy (the theme of balamb Town) so relaxing :)