IGN Sits Down with Uncharted Director to Ask Some Burning Questions

From IGN:
"But even with all that said and done, we weren't quite ready to close the book on Nathan Drake.What did Naughty Dog think of the game's reception? Can we expect more adventures? Where did all those exploding barrels come from?"

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Rice3790d ago

Dam, u posted it first... oh well...

kingOVsticks3790d ago

its barely 08 yet and im already looking forwar d to 09 cuz of this game

f7ss13790d ago

haha, well theres a ton of games comin out this year to hold you over

Rice3790d ago

I really want to see how uncharted 2 will look like, dispite the fact that uncharted only used i think 30 percent of the cell.. I am rite?

f7ss13790d ago

uncharted was a fantastic game, ill be gettin the sequel to this if there is one for sure

kurochi3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Resistance, Uncharted, Heavenly Sword and more or less, Ratchet..... I really don't know if I can think of any other systems that will launch a better set of games ready for sequels besides the early days of NES.....

I guess 360 has Gears and Halo and maybe Bioshock? But as purely a gamer, I may have to choose the PS3 line-up as Gears and Halo are in the same genre while there seems to be a little more diversity in the PS3 world.

But they are all good games though!! No hating going on here!

jackdoe3790d ago

You forgot Mass Effect. Such a fvcking cool game. Anyway, ND should fire those playtesters. They are obviously incompetent if they needed the puzzles that easy. I'm hoping for more puzzles, and challenging to the level of say, Tomb Raider, in the second game with a larger variety of weapons and hopefully a crowbar/machete. I was playing Uncharted the other day, with my dad watching, and when one of the "special" enemies came up close, I could barely attack. My dad asked me why I didn't use a knife or something and it made sense. Why doesn't Drake have a machete? It would be so badass. Hopefully ND does institute this. Maybe even a sword fight if we are lucky.

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