Rock Band Confirmed for Wii

From IGN:

"In a third-quarter conference call today, Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello confirmed that a Wii version of Rock band is forthcoming."

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f7ss13676d ago

im surprised this hasnt jumped to front page yet

wiizy3676d ago

i hope they dont blame nintendo for not selling as much as they would had they release the game on time for wii instead of just ps3 and 360

saprano3676d ago

this is coming to wii? .... aww man wow good luck finding it on the shelfs, the socker moms are going eat this up for their kids like it was christmas.

pwnsause3676d ago

so how is downloadable content going to work with this?

f7ss13676d ago

hmmm, i wouldnt be suprised if theres any at all. there only 512mb of flash memory remember

KeiZka3676d ago

While waiting for that external HDD... It's bound to happen. Those USB ports just scream it!

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