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Submitted by Marriot VP 3422d ago | news

Halo Wars Official site

After X06, Halo Wars the upcoming RTS game for the 360 left an impact on every Halo fan. This franchise will not stop delivering.

Halo Wars" is the next big real-time strategy game from Ensemble Studios, creators of Age of Empires. Designed exclusively for the Xbox 360, "Halo Wars" allows you to take charge of the human UNSC armies and see the Halo universe from a totally new perspective. (Halo Wars, Xbox 360)

Marriot VP  +   3422d ago
mines better mart, :)

"PS3 fan" grow up fanboy and stop voting 360 stuff lame.
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TheMART  +   3422d ago
Ah you're welcome Paul I don't matter that much if just anyone brings the news fast.

Thanks for mentioning it though man. I need to be more precise on it

I am just want to put it out because Sony screwed me over with the PS2 & it's sh!tty DVD drive and the XBOX 360 is really rocking the boat with all their delivering.

So if you bring it, me or anybody else. Who cares. It's revenge for the Dreamcast
Kid Sidious  +   3422d ago
I was really digging the trailer
I understand that it's all cg and they put a lot of polish on it to make it look good, but I can't stop from drooling. MS is on the takeover. Keep up the good work!
Munky  +   3422d ago
I was totally agree with you
The elites looked totally bad-ass!!! (Wonder if they will look similar in the movie)I usually dont get so hyped up about vidoegames, but from what MS is showing off recently, I am defintely happy that I got a 360. Not saying I wasn't happy before the recent barage of great news, but it just nice to see the effort that MS is putting into trying to make the 360 IT can be. Seems like other companies these days are trying to focus to hard on what the competitors are doin and not keeping focused on what they should be doin. Now I know ppl are going to bring up 1080P and the supposed release of a black 360, and imply that MS is copying others but I honestly think MS had a master plan set out from the beginning. The recent flood of amazing news coming out doesn't just happen by coincidence or by luck or by money waving, it's usually due to very hard work by ALOT of people who actually care about the product, not just making $$$.
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richie007bond  +   3422d ago
MICROSOFT your on the ball
halo wars what can i say......AMAZING
General  +   3422d ago
You bloody rock man same as you Paul, Microsoft are really owning Sony at the moment.
TheMART  +   3422d ago
General, you rock too. Never seen such a great switch over to 360 as yours. Enjoyed it.

I may be sarcastic, I may loose a bubble over it but love this site. And love the way 360 is going on and on and on. It's unstopable and man... I'm hyped up for the games to come. Quake Wars... No one could have guessed. Site online at the time they announce...

For real. Even SOny fans will see it. This is gaming. Jump in
The BS Police  +   3422d ago
Were gonna give them War!
And we are kicking Sony's ass at the moment, X06 totally blow Sony's TGS out of the water, and X06 is just getting started.
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Donkey Slayer  +   3422d ago
I expect this to be the most hyped RTS game in history
It will sell millions on name recognition alone.

I expect it to be very good.

How will Tea Bagging work?
MoonDust  +   3422d ago
I can't wait for this game.
I love this types of games, and now with this. OHHH MAN!
Kid Sidious  +   3422d ago
I'm sorry for going off topic
But then anyone read the Multiplayer Info on GOW!!! It's Insane!!! X06 was a Mob Hit by MS I can't wait for all of this gaming goodness!
Balance  +   3422d ago
i can't wait for the next couple of days since most of the games they showed today are PLAYABLE tomorrow.

yeah the CGI for halo wars got me jacked also. i love RTS games and the idea of one in the halo universe gives me goose bumps thinking about it.
Aramis001  +   3422d ago
Loved the trailer. I can understand it being CGI, as long as they tell us, remember e3 05 and the controversy over killzone?
The BS Police  +   3422d ago
Theres a diffirence though.
Sony lied claiming the Killzone 2 video was in realtime but in reality it was pre-rendered.
Kid Sidious  +   3422d ago
I have to agree with you
there's a huge difference btw trying to pass off cgi with realtime. I like knowing the truth about things
gsquad  +   3422d ago
The first......
This will be the first RTS I will play since Warcraft:Orcs and Humans.

No in game screens shots, but I love the Halo story so it will be interesting to see how they put this one together.

"Jump In" and "Welcom3 Chang3" it will be a GREAT RIDE!!!!!
Chronical  +   3422d ago
Thats sick, its amazing. im getting chills just watching it. dam
LK  +   3422d ago
i never played any RTS games before, but i will buy this one for sure.
kewlkat007  +   3422d ago
I do like RTS games. I haven't been keepingup lately since i've been playing the 360 more so than my PC. I'm still waiting for the next C&C though. You might as well put this game on the list.
Deceased  +   3422d ago
Quake Wars is coming to the 360? Please say it is, I want that game so bad.
TheMART  +   3422d ago
Read my lips:

it will.

John Carmack loves 360. Watch this. I am sure about it. But they'll wait because of Gears and Halo 3. But it will be there

John likes the 360 very, very much ;)
DixieNormS  +   3422d ago
OMG! That was the sickest trailer I have ever seen. Even Killzone or MGS has nothing on this. I love my 360.
Deceased  +   3422d ago
Thanks bro, nice vid!
Aramis001  +   3422d ago
I hope they use a control system similar to BFME2, it really works well with the xbox 360 controller.
BIadestarX  +   3422d ago
Sometimes I don't agree with some things you say, but when it comes to posting news you ROCK!
Keep it up!
Schmitty07  +   3422d ago
Dream come true
Halo rules. Did anyone notice that the trailer looked like a movie? Maybe thats a taste what the movie would look like.
munish23  +   3422d ago
thats what i thought
when i saw the trailer i was thinking that they could use this for the movie it looked real and not cgi when the elite came
Marriot VP  +   3422d ago
haha, munish, for the first 10 seconds I thought it was the movie, haha, cause they showed Peter jackson and all.

Yah it's pre-rendered, but more importantly they announce the franchise won't die after Halo 3. I'm sure the RTS will come out late 2007 to dodge Halo 3 sales.

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