PopCap struck by months of quiet lay-offs – source

Following yesterday’s rumour of impending lay-offs at PopCap, VG247 has been told that the Plants vs Zombies developer has been making cuts for months.

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snowman21491944d ago

Its sad but I'm not surprised, they haven't released a new title in a few years. Makes me wonder though, what do they actually work on?

tehpees31944d ago

Surviving. I remember they had layoffs a few years ago as well.

LightofDarkness1944d ago

Well, if more companies like Zynga and PopCap start washing up on the shore, battered and lifeless, I think it will be an omen to those who have been jumping the gun with mobile games lately that we simply aren't there yet, and cheap throwaway games are not enough to sustain the kind of growth that's necessary to go AAA.

ApolloTheBoss1944d ago

Word to the wise: Don't sell your souls to EA games.

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