5 (Sort of 6) Awesome Video Game Collections Coming Out Soon

There are a multitude of amazing video game collections coming out in the very near future and I want to make sure you know what they are. Read though to learn about some of the video game series you can soon get easily caught up on.

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xJumpManx1888d ago

Re collection on PS3 is superior but man I hate that controller with a passion.

jeeves861888d ago

I dislike how Capcom isn't releasing a collector's edition of RE6 in North America. RE fans more than likely have all of the games available in the Anthology/Archives bundle.

Capcom is going all-out for other regions, but North America gets a giant middle finger.

That's not awesome.

doogiebear1887d ago

Can't cope with such glaring first world problems, bro?

Kin23g1888d ago

I own both consoles .. the PS3 controller's only slightly less comfortable. And the difference between them is hardly felt.

xJumpManx1887d ago

I own both as well and I hate not having the trigger system. Sure the dpad is better on the ps3 but how many game use the dpad for anything more than menu manipulation anymore. I also prefer the layout of the analog sticks. I sure hope Sony finally upgrades that relic with the next playstation.

BigStef711887d ago

I just got the trigger grips which are like $5. They honestly help allot and makes playing games easier.

TheMindOfADM1888d ago

I thought that at first as well. I owned a 360 for the longest time before buying a PS3 but once I got used to it, and realized the vast number of PS3 exclusives, I let it slide.

ConstipatedGorilla1888d ago

That was a poorly written article.

Xof1887d ago

Welcome to 99.9999% of N4G.

It's what happens when the only people who write about gaming or discuss gaming spend all of their time gaming, and none of it doing anything else.

jayman11887d ago

Ya ps3 has alot of exclusives. I notice people still buying MAG and Resistance 3 both excellent games. You got alot of choices in games also. Twisted metal, Starhawk, Socom 4, Infamous series, Resistance series, Uncharted series, Little big planet series, gran turismo 5,Killzone series, MAG, Motorstorm series.

doogiebear1887d ago

Yep the only console still providing variety, and new IP's too

Krimmson1887d ago

Here's hoping the Yakuza HD Collection makes it to the US/EU regions.

doogiebear1887d ago

I want a Valkyria Chronicles HD collection for the west. Make it happen and keep the online features SEGA (also if digital only, then they dont risk losing profits), and watch the money poor in.

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