Streets of Rage Had the Greatest Soundtrack of All Time

Even among such classic compositions as the Super Mario theme and the Overworld theme from the orginal Legend of Zelda, Sega's classic Streets of Rage music stands apart.

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guitarded772099d ago

Vice City says "NO!". I do respect gaming music from back in the day though.

killerhog2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

All beat-em ups had a great soundtrack, they had too because the beats adding to the hype. It got you pumped as you kicked some arse.

Best beat-em ups:
Streets of rage
Simpsons arcade
Final fight
Double dragon
Riot zone
Riot city
Ninja turtles

DivineAssault 2099d ago

dont forget the arcade battle toads game by rare & metamorphic force

killerhog2099d ago

I accidentally disagreed to you, damn iPod. N4g should also let you rescind your vote. But yeah true

chobit_A5HL3Y2099d ago

the arcade beat-em up avp game was good too~

specialguest2099d ago

You mentioned riot zone/riot city. Not a lot of people played that, let alone owned a Turbo duo(PC engine scd).

Neoprime2099d ago

Also don't forget:

Marvel Super Heroes
Death and Return of Superman
Spider-Man & Venom
Peace Keeper/Rival Turf/Brawl Brothers
Aliens vs Predator(Arcade)

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DivineAssault 2099d ago

sound effects were great lol.. Skates cork screw kick sound was awesome.. So was axels body slam moves lol

jtenma2099d ago

This is because of the way the genesis was made. The Nintendo systems may have looked slightly better, but had inferior sound chips.

But wow, I didn't realize anyone else noticed that. It sounds like it hits so hard. Especially the poles LMAO




optimus2099d ago

You got it the other way around; it was well known that the supernintendo had a much better sound chip than the genesis.

SaiyanFury2099d ago

Yep, it was actually the father of the PlayStation, Ken Kutaragi who designed the SNES/Super Famicom sound chip. Which was, in fact, quite superior to the Genesis/MegaDrive. That said, SEGA had some really wicked composers like Yuzo Koushirou who did some really memorable soundtracks. I love the music from the original Sonic games, as well as games like Shinobi 3, and Streets of Rage.

jamesensor2099d ago

Many amiga32 games were also known of its awesome soundtracks.

No_Pantaloons2099d ago

When I read the title I immediately started humming one of the tunes, complete with sound effect for special moves.

Takes me back to all those sleep overs staying up all night beating the crap out of hundred of thugs, while dashing to get the apple or turkey before my buddy takes it.

sigh...They sure don't make games like this anymore.

AlexGalbraith2099d ago

That's what inspired this post. I was humming the theme from level 1 for days before I cottoned on to what it was. Then I went on a SoR music binge on YouTube and here we are

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