Fallout 4 in Boston Would Be Awesome

Errol James shares his thoughts on the latest Fallout 4 rumor.

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NegativeCreepWA1711d ago

I want to see a game take place in Seattle.

Ben_Grimm1711d ago

In San Francisco would be better ;)

MattyG1711d ago

Yay Boston! Not many games are set in Boston, it would be pretty great to see a post-apocalyptic version of it.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1711d ago

Which would probably just look like a barren wasteland. Like Washington D.C and Vegas before it lolz

With that said bring on Fallout 4!!!

MattyG1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

Noooo. The buildings are... taller??

jon12341711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

thankfully none of us work for this company and we dont decide where this game takes place, and other people choose for us :)

besides any fallout is alright with me :)

optimus1711d ago

This is a ploy to get me to buy this game if it's set in my hometown but it won't work since i hated fallout 3 so much.

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