EA "Not Quite" Over PS3 Hurdles

Electronic Arts said during a Thursday conference call that PlayStation 3 development still isn't quite caught up with that of Xbox 360.

When asked by an analyst if PS3 game development has yet caught up with the Xbox 360's faster development cycle, EA CEO John Riccitiello said, "Not quite. There's no doubt that Electronic Arts, along with many other publishers, had some challenges essentially meeting the technical specifications effectively on the PlayStation 3."

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Blademask3854d ago

Perhaps they should call Infinity Ward?

mintaro3854d ago

they should get a lesson in how to make proper multiplat games for the 360 and PS3, capcom and activision could give them a few pointers

Blademask3854d ago

Its clearly the hardware.

Everyone else just gets lucky with it.. its unpossible to dev for. ::rolls eyes::

The dumbest part is this is exactly what these idiots were saying about the PS2. Its like they wouldn't think to get some more resources together to sell a good product to consumers.

If they feel its not worthy of those resources, they should accept the money from Sony to develop games in the first place.

sonarus3854d ago

ea is committed to making the best games they can so i am not suprised.

decapitator3854d ago

Criterion says hi. According to him, titles started on the PS3 and ported to the 360 have less to almost no problems. I ask, why don't they just continue that route as it seems to benefits both consoles ?

Apocwhen3854d ago

"Perhaps they should call Infinity Ward?"

Lets hope they don't call Infinity Ward asking who to host an online game with, or design an online multiplayer lobby system.

f7ss13854d ago

haha yeah, i tihnk insomniac, infinity ward and naughty dog should hold seminars for all other studios that still arent getting it

nbsmatambo3854d ago

I dont know y they (EA) are being such MS Lovers, they have seen that if the develop on the ps3 then port over to 360...(BurnOut ParAdise) the game looks wonderfull on both systems >.<

But they still want to lead on 360 and port over to PS3 which is why people keep saying 360 is better that Ps3...

antoinetm3854d ago

i havent bought a game from EA in a loooong time (prolly since sim city 4)

and i believe i wont be buying their games in the next few years.

no crysis on ps3 anyways,
sim city 5 sucks,
any car game > need for speed <insert random word here>
its a shame for BF bad company tho but oh well, there is Cod4

Jeebus3854d ago

Bubbles for this alone

"need for speed <insert random word here>"


njpunk243853d ago

Why can others make tremendous games on the PS3, but EA can't? It just shows they are quite lazy.

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PSWe603854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

That's because they're lazy, busy patting themselves in the back. Other developers HAD problems but they've caught up. Seems like the only "developer" still having problems is EA.
Activision, Capcom, SEGA, Naughty Dog and Insomniac seem to be doing alright.

Hey @ssholes, get back to WORK!

-EvoAnubis-3854d ago

Let's not forget Epic games. They didn't seem to have an issue either.

Xbox is the BEST3854d ago

helping Epic to get the Unreal Engine to run effectivley on the PS#3. I classify that has having trouble. Meanwhile Microsoft never ever helped Epic with the Unreal Engine to make it run on the 360.
Behold the Power of the Cell.
Play B3hind

3854d ago
Niedermayer_203854d ago

EA supposed to be the best developers out there they are brutal and dont even no where to start plain and simple the former ^ick bots president definately f^^ked up all ps3 game
there lazy and getting payed off oh well there brutal

bunch of q^eers

poos33854d ago

the ps3 is not a gaming console just check dmc4 developed on the ps3 and looks like a ps2 game ,dmc4 is sooooo crap that i laughed when i played the demo.

Lifendz3853d ago

I don't want another inferior port of Madden. Get me 60fps and great graphics just like 360 if not better.

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cellypower3854d ago

EA its been a year already please step up the pace jeez!

sly7773854d ago

So when they finally do "catch up"....PS3 games will be not be suckier but just as sucky as their Xbox counterparts!!

Great, I can't wait for the next version of Madden!

PSWe603854d ago

funniest sh*t I've read all day

kalistyles3854d ago

being that EA is the largest game manufacturer in oh, what, THE F-ING WORLD!!!! You would think they would have some sort of capability to learn the freaking hardware by now. But no, not EA, not the company with the most studios worldwide. Why would they want to know the hardware that puts out the greatest machine on Earth. C'mon EA, seriously. I didn't buy Madden for the 1st time in 17 years because of last years inexcusable version for the PS3. Step up your game already. Sheesh!