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Stumped or pumped? Wii U specs, price and release date run through

With the Wii U's release looming on the horizon, here is a complete run through of all the information we know about the console as we get ready for its launch. (Dev, Nintendo, Wii U)

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firefoxprime  +   1145d ago
Let me get this straight. We know absolutely NOTHING. I love speculation too...but really? Jeez...
RuleNumber5  +   1145d ago
That's totally false. We know a ton about the console from its multiplayer, to its system hardware capability, to its controllers and the titles that will be accompanying it at launch. We know a ton about it if you had been following things.
firefoxprime  +   1145d ago
Firstly, I see your point. Secondly, I didn't disagree with you...so dunno who did that. May have to click #2, just to prove it wasn't me hehe :P

My previous post is focused on launch date, specs, and pricing. The heavy hitters. The speculation for those factors gets a lil boring after awhile. And yeah I've been following. My face was glued to my PC during E3 just like yours.
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thorstein  +   1144d ago

Your article didn't tell us anything we didn't already know. And with a headline that states "Wii U specs, price and release date run through," I expect an article that contains (oh, I don't know) The SPECS, PRICE, AND RELEASE DATE!?! Wha? Wha? WHAT?

Sorry for seeming like I am picking nits here, but that is what YOUR article is titled. If you wanted to do a Rumor Roundup, then entitle it as such. That is why your disagrees are so many.

Otherwise, this is PURE yellow journalism. "Trolling for hits" as the kids call it these days.
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Gamerita  +   1144d ago
what we know is you got a "ton" of disagree's. lol
DeadlyFire  +   1145d ago
We know one thing. Answers in September/October. Launch in 2012. That is pretty much all we know for WiiU.

I think Nintendo is prepping a Nintendo Direct for us all to view soon. I am thinking its in September or October. It's been claimed that they haven't unveiled full details because they don't want the other two to copy their idea. Whatever that means.
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Soldierone  +   1145d ago
Neither of the other two even announced theirs yet, so if it was them they were afraid of then the plan fails. They will just copy after release....

HOWEVER I don't think its them that Nintendo is worried about, its other tech companies. Samsung, APPLE, etc...that could clone aspects and put it into a sub-par product and call it "the same thing"
MostJadedGamer  +   1144d ago
I don't think you can be 100% sure they will launch in 2012. It really appears they are really, really rushing the WiiU, and a delay into 2013 is not out of a question.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1145d ago
People should just wait till the thing releases.
KwietStorm  +   1144d ago
Wait until it releases to find out the release date, price, and hardware specs? Yea, no.
WitWolfy  +   1144d ago
Im starting to think that Ninntendo hasnt released the WiiU's specs for a reason.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1144d ago
lol why do console gamers care about the hardware? The point of being a console gamer is not worrying about hardware!
xXBlondieVanHarlowXx  +   1144d ago
BitbyDeath  +   1144d ago
Knowing the hardware is important so that you know what you are paying for and not getting scammed.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1144d ago
@BitbyDeath I understand but most of them don't know about hardware anyway. So either way they can get ripped off. They just want to hear the words powerful of weak.. Funny how they all talk like a pc gamer now.
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BitbyDeath  +   1144d ago
Yea, i know what you mean. Nothing in this world is designed for everyone tastes, some just don't seem to get that though.
decrypt  +   1144d ago

console gamers generally claim not to care about graphics, so why care about the hardware either lol
lilbrat23  +   1144d ago
I could care less, they will do the same thing they did with the Wii ship a few to get people hype. Once they go on ebay for $1000 and idiots buy it they will have it collecting dust.
gcolley  +   1144d ago
SilentNegotiator  +   1144d ago
But if ANYONE is going to leak it.....it's gonna be The Examiner.

I mean, right?
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RuleNumber5  +   1145d ago
I gotcha. I mean of course we don't know exact pricing, specs (although I'll get an exclusive look at the Wii U this weekend in Denver) and launch date; however it's almost certain the system will be between $300-$400 range. I'm betting $300.

The release date is going to be in November. As to specifically when, who knows, but it's all relative as long as it's in November. Omg if it releases on Black Friday? Holy sh!t! That is inviting open war into Best Buys everywhere lol. I will be nowhere near that store on Black Friday.

Specs seem to be universally assumed already. Most people think it'll be just past what the capabilities of Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 currently are, which is probably not far off either way.

Yeah I attended the E3 press briefing and it was fun to watch, although I must admit I was a bit disappointed with their overall performance. More demos, actual funny people, and more gameplay would have been nice. It was still great to attend though.

What we all assume about the system is not far off from what we will probably get, so that's why I guess it's not impossible to say some of the things that are said.
Summons75  +   1145d ago
The price and date is all I'm concerned with at this point. I highly doubt the systems will be over 300, Nintendo always goes for the cheaper prices to start so they can try and get as many consoles sold. The perfect price would be $250 but I would be uncomfortably okay with $300.

Release date wise, yeah probably November, I'm kinda hoping end of September but that's starting to look unlikely. A Black Friday release dosen't make sense. For one NIntendo always releases things on a Sunday, I have no idea why (probably so they don't have any competition that day) but they do. Two Black Friday is chaotic, trying to juggle reservations and holiday shoppers would be a mess and nearly impossible to do. Plus if they release it like two weeks earlier then they could cook up some software deals too for a system/game deal to get the most money.

I was really skeptical about the WiiU until E3. That is where they really sold me on various games. Pikmin 3, ZombieU, MarioU, Lego City, P99, Rayman, all have my names on them. Plus there is a bunch of Wii titles I never got to play so that will be good to catch up on as well.
Freakazoid2012  +   1145d ago
In Japan they are not allowed to release games through the week because when its something big people will call into work.
FlairSomewhere  +   1145d ago
After working in retail @ toysrus, our shipments come in regularly on Fridays, so it's easiest to have friday and Saturday to organize and stock, then release on Sunday. At least in the U.S.
DeadlyFire  +   1145d ago
Well PS3/X360 GPUs output roughly 230-240 Gflops of processing power. X360 has a slightly faster GPU, but PS3 utilizes specialized processing so it makes tasks faster. In a way it equals out about the same.

Even if Nintendo were to go low power. You can use basic math right? 2-3 times more powerful than a 235 Gflop GPU = 700 or so Gflops. Nintendo claims they might not be as far behind as most think so they might have leaped from 700 to 1.0 or so Tflops. I am thinking 1.5 Tflops is where Sony and Microsoft want to be or at least close to it and maybe above it. Nintendo might aim for 1 Tflop, but not much more. Even if they did it would be 4-5 times more powerful than last gen GPUs. Its funny there are a few GPUs around 920 Gflops, and 1.2 Tflops.

The whole Black Friday thing is a bad idea if true. People are crazy enough on Black Friday. Macing people for X360 last year. A WiiU sold out would be a blood brawl inside a store swamped with people. Little Timmy would grow up hating Nintendo for getting his parents killed and go homicidal and blame video games for all of his problems or call himself the Joker with pink hair or something oddball to the truth.
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dubal-e  +   1144d ago
I was agreeing with you at first till the little timmy story came out lol. My how an intelligent comment can go astray.
_-EDMIX-_  +   1144d ago
? LOL! They are not going to have 1T. Again, why would they? Nintendo is not aiming for making a "next gen" system in terms of tech anyway. They are looking to make a system that is "on pair" with PS3 and 360 and cheap.

Why waste the money on such a GPU if they clearly intend to not even support Port from the PS4/720/PC?

I think PS4/720 will aim for close to 2TFlops.
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dazzrazz  +   1145d ago
Yeah ! I am pumped also NOT ! 300 bucks for a processing power current consoles could do 5+ years ago... no thanks !
ChickeyCantor  +   1145d ago
It's actually a modern CPU. Besides if you don't have the money. It pretty much sucks. Been there. That is why I moved to pc gaming since the investment is cheaper ( I don't wanna hear how it's more expensive, I've paid far less for most games). However if you're just being a c**t about it, then have fun missing out.
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Ingram  +   1144d ago
"However if you're just being a c**t about it, then have fun missing out"

Just can't believe my eyes.

You can't get more insulting and pretentious without throwing feces and crying.
You often have the nerve of talking about "the hate" against Nintendo, answering in such a manner to a perfectly valid opinion.

Your B.hurt words are pathetically ironic coming from a Nintendo zealot.YOU missed out, guys, the generation is over and YOU bought a white 18w rooteable dildo.

You wanna play wait and see? let's play wait and see; Nintendo has already decided to aim for the same target once more: Soccer moms, posh kids and obsessed nostalgic zealots like yourself.

Have fun missing out.
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ChickeyCantor  +   1144d ago
".YOU missed out, guys, the generation is over and YOU bought a white 18w rooteable dildo. "

Actually my Ps3 and 360 served me well. And for any other multiplat game I have my PC.

"Nintendo has already decided to aim for the same target once more"

Oh, you mean the family oriented Nintendo? Yep they've been doing that since the NES days. So what is new?

Ingram you sound majorly butthurt. I was simply saying that if you are hating deliberately, then have fun missing out. No need to get your panties in a bunch.

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DeadlyFire  +   1145d ago
Power7 vs. Power6. I think Power7 has it beat.
yabhero  +   1144d ago
WiiU= power7 based
PS3/360= power4/5 based
DeadlyFire  +   1144d ago
yaya, you get the point. Newer is newer.
Wizziokid  +   1145d ago
I can't wait personally but I like playing games not complaining about specs
nerdkiller  +   1145d ago
sorry nintendo i wont be buying a next gen console with this gens graphics again i already have a wii that does that. i dont need another one unless you make more of a commitment to your hardcore games metroid from retro killer instincts i want games nintendo did when they were hardcore from nes to game cube and didnt do this whole family friendly stuff cuz that trick is only going to work once
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FlairSomewhere  +   1145d ago
I just wish they tried more to change that image (though obviously stockholders may not want that, but also since zynga and social gaming is on the decline, they might want a hxc focus). Like, did they really have to put off showing Project P-100 (working title) and instead show us 10x more NintendoLand? And also have retro pull the plug on their wii u debut showing?
Freakazoid2012  +   1145d ago
Dude... Nintendo has ALWAYS been family friendly. Guess you actually had to be there and not read up on it years later.
Barker Bills Trick shooting?
Aerobics dance?
DK JR math
Duck Hunt
Generic football game
Generic Tennis game
Generic Hockey
Generic Golf
Generic Soccer
Super Team Games
World Class Track Meet
Short Order
Hogans alley

Thats just from Nintendo too. 3rd parties also had a ton of casual games on the NES as well.

Nintendo went for the core with the N64 and GC. Their worst selling consoles to date.

It's always amusing when someone who wasnt around brings up the NES and acts like it was all hardcore games..
I guess you think they were hardcore when Mortal Kombat had its red blood changed to green to keep the family friendly image?
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FunkMacNasty  +   1145d ago
@ Freakazoid,

Just out of curiousity, when you say that the NES was family friendly and that's why they didn't have any "hardcore" games... exactly what game(s) would you consider "hardcore" circa 1985-1990? Everything was pretty much a side scrolling adventure game from Excitebike to Bayou Billy.. I'd say they were all casual games, because the level of immersion we enjoy in vidoegames today didn't exist back then. The NES and it's counterpart consoles were, by nature "family friendly" because back then, console gaming was completeley pigeon-holed to a target audience between ages 5 and 12. There were no "M" rated games, no adult-oriented thrillers or action games like Heavy Rain, Bioshock, L.A. Noire, or Red Dead Redemption back then which are geared to a target audience for teenagers to adults. Even the more sophisticated 8-bit games like the original Metal Gear and Ninja Gaiden games... those were just for the older kids in the house, nothing that would have held the attention and interest of a grown adult the way it's modern day iterations have.
Gr81  +   1145d ago
Freakazoid is right, The NES was a family friendly console, hence the name Famicom. There was no marketing distinction of 'casual/hardcore' They were all just games. Some targeted veterans others novices. Don't get suckered into viral marketing of the industry. Metroid was said to be a game for the 'elite gamer.'

Additionally, many games back then were probably more immersive than anything else you've listed. And adults definitely played games. Adults loved DK, Pac-man, Mario Bros. Zelda etc.

You gamers of today think that a game with a gun makes it adult themed, that and M for Mature means its adult themed. A game like Brain Age is more adult themed than any of the games you've mentioned.

But honestly, at the end of the day, video games are just like an amusement park, are amusement parks adult themed? Sure they have rides where you have to be this tall to ride but its all about having fun.
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Freakazoid2012  +   1145d ago
FunkMAcNasty, Please show me in my post where I ever said it didnt have hardcore games? I never said that or implied it but you have to believe its there so you can try to prove yourself right I guess.

"those were just for the older kids in the house, nothing that would have held the attention and interest of a grown adult the way it's modern day iterations have. "

I love that part though. It proves you werent really there. In the 80's I watched 70 year old women playing Pacman and business men in suits lining up for Space invaders.. Oh but nothing back then appealed to adults...

Castlevania, Zelda, Metroid, Contra, Double Dragon, etc all prove you wrong though about there not being core experience.

The graphics of today have led to more types of games but to try to act like everything was casual because it wasnt in 3D is just absurd IMO.

Honestly though what was the point in you replying to me? My post was about Nintendo being family friendly since they started gaming. You didnt post anything to prove that wrong. In fact you backed it up, though not with anything valid.
FunkMacNasty  +   1145d ago

Sorry this was really the part of your comment I was replying to:

"It's always amusing when someone who wasnt around brings up the NES and acts like it was all hardcore games.."

I guess I read your comment quickly and then that's the line that stuck with me, cuz i was having trouble viewing NES games as "hardcore" at all. So in essence I suppose I'm asking the people you speak of what THEY would consider hardcore games of those generations, not really addressing the comment to you directly.

Oh, and I was definitley "there" and "then" ;-) I was born in '80 and played on Atari 2600, NES, and SNES in those days.. However, being really young, I definitley wouldn't have noticed adults lining up at the arcade to play videogames.. I remember people's older brothers and sisters going to the arcade and I wasn't allowed to because i was like 8 years old, and back then the Arcade was a hangout for teenagers. And when i did make it to the arcade in my later years, I don't remember seeing many adults there.. just my observation. I suppose your right about Zelda, Castlevania, and some others being core games back then. I just don't think they would hold my attention today, given the advances in technology that's allowed developers to make many of today's games interactive movies driven by story and impressive graphics.

Oh, and I replied to your comment because I like talking about vidoegames with other people with the same passion for games. I wasn't trying to prove anyone "right" or "wrong". Just...joining in on the conversation is all

Mkay.. outta bubbles now. Bye.
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morkendo23  +   1144d ago
@ freakazoid

back in the 80's- 90's their was plenty of adults playing arcade video games. more adults i've seen than teenagers here in seattle,wa "Gamespot arcade center",
back in the day like funkmacnasty said only hardcore games then was METAL GEAR,NINJA GAIDEN,CONTRA,CASTLEVANIA,R-TY PE,GRADIUS. adults and teenager was playing those games.
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nerdkiller  +   1144d ago
@ freak : n64 and cube may have sold worse then the wii but there hardcore titles sold more goldeneye 9 mill zelda 64, 9 mill on wii it cant even break 4 cuz the hardcore crowd left and nintendo makes less and less hardcore games or doesn't have the balls to bring them over to the united states im still waiting for project hammer and day of crisis
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TruthbeTold  +   1144d ago
Freakazoid, the bottom line reasons why the 64 and GC didn't sell as well are:

1. The 64 was delayed for a year beyond when they initially said it would be released. Many people moved on to what was available and kick ass. As a result of the N64's late release, it also pushed the GC release back to a point where the PS2 with the hot DVD tech at the time, got a huge head start in the minds and homes of consumers. Keep in mind, this was before it was conceivable for most people to own more than 1 current gen gaming console.

2. Many developers chose not to support Nintendo as much due to #1, as well as the fact that Nintendo had software storage on those consoles that moved in too different a direction than technology in general was headed.

I bring those things up to make the point that Nintendo didn't 'lose the hardcore' so much as they gave many of them up through the ramifications of those choices. If they could go back in time and release a fully functioning N64 when they originally said they would, they'd do it.

However, the reality is that that generation was the beginning of their realization that moving forward at their own pace also meant that they'd no longer be able to release consoles with technical specs as high as consumers have come to expect. So lo and behold, we get the Wii, and now, the more balanced Wii U.
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sway_z  +   1144d ago
Nintendo will still look visually appealing when the (other) consoles launch....I really don't believe MS nor Sony will offer a massively significant improvement.

Propably will do some effects more efficently and more detail, but the average Mo & Jo won't notice anything but a marginal improvement.

Still, looking fwd to PS4 regardless :)
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_-EDMIX-_  +   1144d ago
"don't believe MS nor Sony will offer a massively significant improvement"

LFMAO! Let me test you gaming knowledge on History. Do you remember WHY 360 released with 512mb of ram?

Now from what i've seen from UE4 and what Epic has said, to run UE4 to truly max the engine, consoles would need about 2Tflops. Now UE3 runs the most games this gen, knowing this, why would MS let Sony just have a system that would run the best UE4 games ie 80% of 3rd party games that will release? Vice Versa.

So one of the 2 will just not meet the specs for UE4/Squares new engine etc and let the other just single handedly win the generation by default?

Now, remember XB1? Stronger then PS2 and it had a boat load of PC ports. Neither system wants to be the "PS2" in that respect, just based on that both system's right now a neck and neck.

So who is going to lay down next gen? We can say that having a system with cheap parts makes money, BUT it only makes money in contrast. ie Wii was able to do it cause PS3/360 existed.

Another thing to note, both MS and Sony are looking to bank on PS3/360 in the long run, something that really only could had been done if both systems where powerful. ie if PS3/360 are in it for the long run, it means PS4/720 will be in it for the long run too, ie they will be beast machines.
StraightedgeSES  +   1144d ago
@_-EDMIX-_ let me guess you started gaming this gen.
MoveTheGlow  +   1144d ago
The only thing I could see working for N is their software development. I bought the original Xbox not because it was more powerful or faster, but because it carried on Sega's work when the Dreamcast bit the dust, with Panzer Dragoon Orta, JSRF, and Gunvalkyrie leading the pack. I didn't care about the PC ports or how they looked - whatever. It was the well-done, aesthetically uniform games that kicked butt.

Should both MS and Sony go down the path of pushing companies to make more shades of green and brown for a countless barrage of military shooters, Nintendo might have themselves a great market just for not doing that. I don't see that happening, though - even Halo seems to be moving in a better aesthetic direction, and Sony's investments in really well-done risky, artistic independent games doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon. I bought that system for Everyday Shooter, and I'm ending that cycle with Sound Shapes and Dyad. I'm good with that.

I think the launch titles for the new systems will tell all. Are they just in it for the poly-pushing stats, or are they in it for great games that push the boundaries of what we do, what we see, and what we hear? Nintendo doesn't seem to be, but at least they still have enjoyable, well-designed (SMG2! SMG freakin' 2!) games. We'll see what MS and Sony have to say next year.
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TruthbeTold  +   1144d ago
EDMIX, how many console games do you really think would be developed at that level should the specs end up being that high? Not many. Way too many developers went under this generations due to development costs. The majority of them aren't looking for something that is much more expensive than what they currently have to deal with.

Even if the NextBox and PS4 are as powerful as you hope they'll be, most developers will just use that power to cut corners and do LESS optimization.
RuleNumber5  +   1145d ago
Yeah I mean Nintendo is what it is. So comparing them to Microsoft or Sony really doesn't make too much sense because those companies have different niches and roles to play in gaming versus Nintendo. They have theirs in family and casual gaming, and they have been successful with it. You may not prefer Nintendo's vision for gaming, and that's fine, but that does not mean the company isn't successful or anything like that.
Gr81  +   1145d ago
Neither. I don't know enough about the direction Nintendo wants to take this machine. I've other interests right now that require time, and video games are like a luxury, not a neccessity to me at this point in my life.

Also, the price and the quality of the software isn't known yet, as well as alot of still unknowns and unanswered questions about this system. And no I don't give a sh*t about the specs.

Online capabilities of this system are a big deal to me. Especially for games like Smash or MK. Also I want the system to have value. I want that Pro Controller included with the system in box.

So I'm not stumped, or pumped, more like quietly observing.
Lord_Sloth  +   1144d ago
I'm with this guy. Except that I'm more concerned about local multiplay as opposed to online.
FunkMacNasty  +   1145d ago
@ Arius,

Many good points you make in your reply. Regarding the NES games, I speak from my experience as a kid in the 80's-early 90's and thinking back to the games I used to love.. but today, they wouldn't hold the attention or interest of me or any of my adult gamer friends (who are all in their late 20's-early 30's) other than to have a quick nostalgic go around.

I remember some of the more sophisticated games, but I still think that in comparison to todays "hardcore" games, they feel casual. I know back in the 80's-90's adults played and enjoyed games like Pac-Man and Tetris and stuff like that...but isn't that akin to adults today playing games like Angry Birds or other iOS/droid games? The games I listed like Heavy Rain or LA Noire I think are "hardcore" because they do more than just set the player up for button-pushing cause and effect gameplay.. they tell a deep and branching story. And what's more--the content of the story, the characters, real-world references, and the events that take place within the story arcs of those games are on a more sophisticated level that I think would be more interesting to gamers who fully understand the subject matter. Not that younger gamers wouldnt enjoy those games, but I think they'd be more interested in the actual gameplay, than anything else, and probably more likely to try to skip the cutscenes and story portions (again, speaking from experience here, as that's exactly what my 11 year old nephew does when he plays games! Not saying that's the norm for younger gamers). I kindaa see a kid playing those games as the same as being a fifth-grader who is assigned to do a book report on a classic literary novel like War and Peace.. They can read the words and defintley enjoy any artwork found within, and when it's done they can tell you what its about, but when all's said and done did they take anything from it? Did it stick with them emotionally? Did they feel a connection to the characters?

Again, all my opinion so take it for what it's worth..
DivineAssault  +   1145d ago
stupid.. That basically recycled the information that has been known for months
TVippy   1144d ago | Bad language | show
sway_z  +   1144d ago

Do we really believe MS or Sony can afford to sell us a mass market console that will significantly blow the (rumoured) Wii U specs out of the water?? In this recession?? ..At a sub $500 price point?? Get real !!!!

Sure, the Wii U may not be the most powerful on the block come 2014...but it wont be significantly inferior to whatever MS or Sony release...and i'm a PS user stating this!

...it boils down to simple economics...All manufacturers will be price wary next gen...they simply can't afford not to in this economic depression which 99.9% of the modern World (UK at least) are facing! We're not all in that 1% rich list....

Hey, I really want a powerhouse of a PS4, but i won't sell my kidneys to get it.

Think we gotta be realistic here, or be thoroughly disappointed by the hype machine out there.
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_-EDMIX-_  +   1144d ago
??? How can they not? PS3/Wii released in 2006 (ending) and the recession came in 2007 so......they still sold. What your stating is beyond slow.

2013 a Next gen system will release. Period.

Do "we" really believe PS4/720 will blow "(rumored) Wii U specs out of the water?" um....yes. By default the PS4/720 will be ex more powerful then the Wii U, due to the Wii U actually being on pair with the 360 and PS3.

What can MS or Sony do with there systems that can even make it to where they are even equal to Wii U? So PS4 will be, even slightlyer more powerful then the PS4? WHAT?

Buddy...buddy. Sit down. Sony and MS are looking to make beast systems to have longevity, period. Nothing you stated has really anything to do with why they wouldn't just why "you" think they wouldn't.

PS3 is at 60million, Wiis at like 90million so the idea of this "recession" you speak of has almost no dawning on the next wave of systems....it didn't this gen so.....

sit down and read what Epic said about UE4. Sony and MS are not just going to let one another have the best system for that engine, its just not going to happen.

3rd parties will dictate what happens in terms of next gen tech, (look back at why the 360 has 512mb) this will tell you JUST how much influence 3rd party publishers have on the tech that is releasing on systems. Look at UE4, Squares new engine, Watch Dogs etc.

Sorry buddy, but 3rd parties have shown what they want and they will lobby really hard to get it. And really, who wants to be the console maker that doesn't pay up? Thats nice, but i don't see MS nor Sony taking a dive for some cash, not with what was shown at E3 and GDC12.

They are in it for the long run, thus they are looking to have a beast system to last a long time.
StraightedgeSES  +   1144d ago
@_-EDMIX-_ next gen will be like the 6th gen of gaming. i don't know why you have a problem with that.
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mulder1617  +   1144d ago
"On pair?" lol Sorry its the constant editor in me. On "par" right? :)
FlairSomewhere  +   1144d ago
"By default the PS4/720 will be ex more powerful then the Wii U, due to the Wii U actually being on pair with the 360 and PS3."

So basically you are starting rumors based on rumors.

Your logic is undoubtedly flawed, my friend.

Does everyone seem to forget what this current gen's launch titles looked like?

Sure they seemed good at the time, almost as a placebo affect, maybe (new console = must look better).

But the fact that launch titles are being put out by developers with relatively little experience with this new hardware, the fact that what we are getting out is generally this gen+ a bell and whistle here and there, it's a good sign, not a bad one.
#12.1.3 (Edited 1144d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
sway_z  +   1144d ago

I should Sit Down?......What I am saying is slow? LMFAO!!!

You're one of those who like to put words in other ppls mouths huh? ...When I wrote I didn't believe the PS4/XBOX Next would not be 'Significantly more Powerful' I am expressing an opinion, based on market costs, trends & speculation!!

Clearly you're the 'Go To Man' for CONCRETE information...Cos you know 100% all of what you have stated is for certain, right?

I really cannot compete with you then!
#12.2 (Edited 1144d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
mulder1617  +   1144d ago
If history is correct Nintendo usually releases a console during the week of Thanksgiving and its usually the Wednesday or Tuesday of that same week. I remember 100% that back in 2006 the Wii released on Nov. 19th, 2006. I even remember picking it up at midnight from Gamestop and getting up to preorder it at 5 am in September or October. Man, I am a major geek/fanboy. LOL!
Proeliator  +   1144d ago
Yet another article that shouldn't be approved.
dogoodmatters  +   1144d ago
Pumped. No new information at all though it was a different way to write it.
bobdog626  +   1144d ago
all i know is there r 2 major parts 2 the wii u the controller and the console my guess is they cost at lease 150 each if they can keep it under 300 i will be happy
AO1JMM  +   1144d ago
Garethvk  +   1144d ago
We got approved a week and a half back to do our October Magazine cover story on the Wii U and they said the final specs are not available yet.
sdfewsdfew697   1144d ago | Spam
Joyce7543   1144d ago | Spam
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1144d ago
Nintendo and Microsoft get wait and see's from me this next gen before I buy!

Sold my Wii really early due to the lack of software that appealed to me, or that wasn't shovelware!

My 360 isn't even on fumes now, due to lack of Exclusives!

I literally have just been buying everything for my PS3 for a little over a year now!
yeahokchief  +   1144d ago
PS3 ftw baby. I can't even get through my backlog. I have too much money and not enough time.
yeahokchief  +   1144d ago
i'll wait for a price cut and see if they follow thru with core gaming. everyone should wait and see the launch lineup+ planned future releases before speculating.

odds are i'll buy one if they release enough stuff for core gamers, but i won't buy any of it until it's all on sale.

i'm pretty patient and busy with work/life. i may not buy one at all. i think i'm outgrowing this hobby and they really burned us core gamers with the wii. that was a big mistake on their part and they will be held accountable.

good luck to them. i think they're fighting an uphill battle with this one. not a very powerful system and im not so sure how the casual base will take to an expensive device like this during a stagnant economic recovery.
#22 (Edited 1144d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Qrphe  +   1144d ago
Are the analog sticks clickable?

Regardless, I still hope hey make those triggers analog in the final design

Shok  +   1144d ago
The sticks are clickable for both the pad and the Controller Pro.

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