Square-Enix the Reason for Original Brawl Delay?

Super Smash Bros Brawl has only been released in Japan for a short time. Already though, most of the important information has been shared by hardcore gamers who've played the game tirelessly these past few days. With the final roster having been revealed, there is a new rumor floating around the internet...

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PS360WII3823d ago

Hmm perhaps the bond between Nintendo and Square Enix is not back quite yet :(

RecSpec3823d ago

Oh believe me, it's fine. Dragon Quest IX is on DS, that's all the proof you need.

My guess is that getting the licensing for Geno wasn't gonna work out. Look at Kingdom Hearts. There was trouble getting characters from older Final Fantasy games in KH.

PS360WII3823d ago

that's true and DQIX is on my most wanted list already ^^ Square Enix can never deny the amount of money the DS has made them

wiizy3823d ago

these people need to stop with the dumb rumors and just enjoy the game of the year.. i wish i was playing it now

Quickstrike3823d ago

I want to play this game now! Wish I was in Japan XD

TruthbeTold3823d ago

I agree that it's likely to be game of the year, but I also think it's an intriguing rumor.

THE_JUDGE3822d ago

Yea freaking right. I'm pretty sure that MGS4 will blow this out of water without even trying. This wouldn't even be a competition, be serious.

TruthbeTold3822d ago

Saying that likely means that you know nothing about the game. Sure MGS4 is going to be a contender, and might win, but Brawl is the game to beat this year. Period.

THE_JUDGE3822d ago

one to beat? You must be in another world right now. MGS4 is the game that no ones knows about. SSBB is just like the last one with a few improvements, its no contest.

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OC Shock Value3823d ago

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ChickeyCantor3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

I care because GENO is a perfect character for smash bros!
i expected MORE charcters this is just lame!

and young link should have been replaced by midna and wolf link.
like ice climbers and olimar, midna and wolf link would be one character set.

but no >=( they put in a FAKE windwaker link there....

boy i can rant allot about the roster because too many characters are missing ....

but i cant wait for the game though .....EU is screwed again >=(

RecSpec3823d ago

Nintendo's problem was they went overkill with the announcements too early, imagine if Snake or Sonic would have been announced right before the launch. The hype still would have been huge, and that would have amplified it times 100. When the rest of the leaks were announced, there was no one really left besides Wolf and Toon Link as far as new people go.

KingKirchner3823d ago

that sucks. Geno is awesome. Wish he was in.

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The story is too old to be commented.