The Legend of Zelda - eShop Trailer


Relive the glory of Link's first adventure via the 3DS Virtual Console.

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guitarded772130d ago

Still one of my favorite games ever... I do a play through every couple of years, and it's still great. I'd like for Nintendo to add their achievement/trophy support to the NES, SNES, etc games to add a whole new dynamic to the classics. I'm not holding my breath, but it would be cool.

Ben_Grimm2130d ago

One of the all time greatest games ever, hands down.

Xof2130d ago

Gotta disagree. It was profound for its time, innovative, enthralling, and all that... but to place something among the greatest of all time, it has to have a timeless quality. Longevity.

LoZ isn't just terribly dated now, it was terribly dated within 5 years of its release. The first Zelda to really achieve that was ALttP, and then OoT. And... that's it.

Gen0ne2130d ago

Wish they'd give it a 3d makeover.

ThatArtGuy2130d ago

The first and still the best, in my opinion.

Jirachi2130d ago

I love zelda 1!
I kinda would like to see a zelda gamego back to that instead of trying to top oot