5 games that have awesome credits

PS3 Attitude: "Staff credits shouldn’t just be a list of names; they should be a reward for completing the game. Unfortunately most titles choose to take the former route, forcing us to make a cup of tea until we can take control again. However, very occasionally, a game’s credits more than justify the time spent getting up to that point, and remind us why we started playing in the first place."

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NukaCola1939d ago

Super Smash Bros Melee had a great credits run. You piloted through and blasted the names as they flew by. Oh man, I almost gotten 100% so many times, but it's hard as hell to shoot all the names.

JellyJelly1939d ago

Both Portal games need to be on the list. Best credits ever.

Moby-Royale1939d ago

Batman: Arkham City.

It gave me chills.

sazzrah1939d ago

Vanquish deserves a mention on this list too I reckon!

Lahey1939d ago

That one is my favorite.

KidBroSweets21939d ago

It's such a love/hate thing when I beat a game and am just hoping its worth me sitting there and watching all of the credits. It almost hurts when the credits end and I'm still waiting for that "moment" to happen and it never does but instead, returns to the main menu.

sazzrah1937d ago

Sometimes it hurts more when that moment DOES happen...
*cough* Mass Effect 3 *cough*

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