IGN: Robocalypse Interview and Screens

Ever since the DS was revealed, real-time strategy fans thought the system would be great for the genre. Both the stylus control and extra real estate the dual screens provide would seem to solve many of the problems RTS games face when they leave the comfort of the mouse and keyboard. But over three years later, the DS isn't exactly bursting with offerings from the genre.

Which is why IGN's ears perked up last week when they heard a former SpongeBob SquarePants writer and his partner were penning a new DS RTS game called Robocalypse. The story follows a batch of robots implanted with the brains of World War II veterans that must stop a band of rampaging machines. Some slick screenshots and an innovative premise convinced IGN this title warranted further investigation. They caught up with writers Jay Lender and Micah Wright to find out more about this impending robot holocaust.

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