UGO: Tom Clancy's EndWar preview

Seeing Tom Clancy's EndWar in action is like watching the next generation of gaming unfold before your very eyes. Except it's in the right here and now, soon to be available for everyone to play thanks to the talented development team stationed in Ubisoft's Shanghai office. The marvel of EndWar isn't its visual punch, though the game is no slouch there. It's the voice-activated gameplay which requires nothing more than a headset, a single button and perhaps an analog stick for a successful military campaign. Though unfinished and currently scheduled for a Spring release, the build of the game shown at a recent Ubisoft event in New York City left us raving like lunatics as we clamored for more.

Preview by Adam Rosenberg.

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Erotic Sheep3767d ago

I'm actually getting more and more interested in this game with every preview that comes out.. if only I could see some ingame movies combined with the voice functions..

Ahhhh3766d ago

It says you can take control of a group.. Does that mean you can play it like a FPS or like the game Full Spectrum Warrior, or is it just simply a different camera angle?