Third faction in Killzone 2!?

Mr. Clinton:"Take a look at the excerpt below from The Official PlayStation Magazine UK where Mathijs mentions this third faction. Whoever they are, it sounds like this third party may play an important role in the ISA-Helghast wars."
From Official PSM UK:
De Jong told us a secret:"As you know, the ISA are invading planet of the Helgast.But as the player will learn, they are not the only inhabitants."

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Maldread3823d ago

Sounds like Guerilla has been watching Lost, the others are coming ;)

Iamback3823d ago

Yeah, it could end up being very interesting. What if "The Chimera" from Resistance are 3rd faction? LOL Just kidding

f7ss13823d ago

i hope this game has awesome online play, im so pumped for this

mikeslemonade3823d ago

The 3rd faction is Microsoft with cooked up 360s ready to red ring! Yikes!

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Iamback3823d ago

This is my first story! Nice.

Beren3823d ago

Yay gratz now go and get more !!! :3
Thx for the news!!! :D

Rice3823d ago

Nice find man... keep it going...

Iamback3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

Lol thx, i will if i can menage to get of so many folks that are like stalkers, waiting for some kind of news, grab it and than run to post it here to get some point, lol

BTW-little of topic but you guys have to see this(most you probably have already but i saw it 1st time today). Seth Green making parody video about Chris Crocker crazy shemale or what ever it is :)

EDIT:LOL i think he is funny, especially mascara part, where he pause to put more of eye liner :)
I have not seen meet the spartans and don't plan to. that crap beat Rambo 4 in first week. Arghhh

Rice3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

LOL. what a loser.... lol. Btw this reminds me of Meet the spartans, as anyone seen it, is it crap?

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Erotic Sheep3823d ago

Oh brother.. here comes the monsters.
They just couldn't resist making an FPS without monsters..

TheHater3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

well I be the third faction is these guys. The Ninja Turtles. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.