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Madden 13 demo impressions (Vita) - GameZone

GameZone writes, "Madden 13 is the Vita’s first football game. Usually when a sports genre gets released on a new platform, it tends to suffer, as was previously seen with the release of Madden Football for the Nintendo 3DS. The Madden 13 demo for the Vita has some ups and downs, but is overall a satisfying experience so far." (Madden NFL 13, PS Vita)

teedogg80  +   702d ago
I will be getting this for sure. I need a good sports game for my Vita.
CWVita03  +   702d ago
Okay I read the article, some of the gripes are not legit. I have had no problems with the call your shots feature. I comes down to if you know how to use your touchscreen. 1 more week!!
rpd123  +   702d ago
I liked the demo a lot. My only problem was that at times it did get a little laggy. But I'm definitely getting it. Can't wait to have a franchise to play on the go.

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