James Bond Comes To Xbox Live Video Marketplace In HD

The Bitbag writes, "Microsoft just announced a HUGE lineup for the Xbox Live Video Marketplace. One of the shockers was the inclusion of the James Bond films in HD. As you know, these MGM films are owned by parent company Sony. It's quite interesting that they are allowing these titles to appear on Xbox Live Marketplace knowing that video downloads for PSN are around the corner."

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Lord Anubis3850d ago

MGM classics, I thought it would be Casino Royale.

darkness within3850d ago

maybe Sony is holding that back for themselves

v1c1ous3850d ago

are not exactly one and the same

darthv723850d ago

I don't know why it is that people cant get that straight. What sony music or sony pictures does is separate from sony computer entertainment. Just like microsoft software division (office/windows) is separate from microsoft gaming.

Sony wants to make $$ as much as MS does. So offering movies, music video are really not going to hurt anything that sony is doing for their own service. Once that service comes could be a different story.

Lord Anubis3850d ago

actually they became Sony Group but they try to make a profit, although MGM is not releasing their latest movies on live.

projectile3850d ago

Ahh, thought it was the N64 title at first glance...

v1c1ous3850d ago

that microsoft, knowing a goldeneye remake was a snowball's chance in hell, tried to ride on the goldeneye rift of last-last week and thought "maybe if we get one of the bond films, we can sorta satisfy the hunger for it"

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The story is too old to be commented.