IGN reviews Turok - If you don't move, this game can't see you

Closing comments from the review by IGN's Greg Miller:

"There's no doubt that Turok can be fun, but ultimately, the feeling of satisfaction that comes with slitting a raptor's throat or pulling off a headshot with your bow is lost in the shuffle of swarming enemies, less than stellar visuals and a story that disappears. Do I recommend Turok for folks just looking for a game to run through with two shotguns in hand? Yes, but I wouldn't expect to walk away from playing with your mind blown."


The X360 version got 7.3/10 overall score.

X360 version got 7/10 while PS3 got 6/10 to graphics. IGN's comments on the latter version:

"The Xbox problems complaints (jaggy corners and shiny guys) are here, and they're added to PS3-specific problems such as framerate issues, screen-tearing and worse textures."

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TheExecutive3736d ago

this score doesnt surprise me. The demo was lackluster. Nothing to see here.

antoinetm3736d ago

yup, they can give the ps3 version 2/10 and the 360 version 7/10 but for all i care, that game turned out to be a major disappointment, turok 1 was awsome tho.

Enough with the marines on steroids, its getting old, we need more ninjas, samurai and pirates!

imageicb3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

pretty much what I figured it would get after playing the demo.


the crave in the caves suck but once out in the forest it looks a lot better (demo)

Rice3736d ago

I played this game both on xbox 360 and ps3, and i agree, they both look like crap, and play like crap.

INehalemEXI3736d ago

yup, crap is what this is a 7 might mislead someone to think its good.

Rice3736d ago

i think ive misinterpreted what u said, are u trying to ridicule me.

mintaro3736d ago

i agree, this game was completely lackluster, nothing liked i hoped it would be

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The story is too old to be commented.