Marketplace Update - 31/1

Even more new content added to the Xbox Live Marketplace including themes,picture packs and more.

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Violater3791d ago

How much is 150MS points in actual US$

Yi-Long3791d ago

...but I sure as hell will never pay for a couple of jpgs.

SmokeyMcBear3791d ago

i think its 80 points for a dollar... which to me is just mind boggling, i think its to trick peopel into thinking that if something says 500 points, it means 5 dollars, when it really means over 6 bucks.

EastCoastSB3791d ago

Agreed, it's freaking ridiculous paying for useless stuff like that. If I ever want to change my picture or theme I'll scope out the free ones.

Chippathingy3791d ago

...and you can literally find thousands of pictures you can download and use them as your own background. Sure, you can't use a different picture on every blade (hopefully that will change in the future), but paying for pics and themes is stupid in my opinion.

I love changing wallpaper and themes on my PS3 and even Sony has put wallpaper and themes on the PSN FOR FREE!

I rarely check the pics and themes on XBL anymore.

I'll spend my money where it's more useful....on games.

Bnet3433791d ago

I don't believe you have Xbox Live because then you would of known you can make your own backgrounds for free and some gamerpics are free or you can do your own with the camera.

Chippathingy3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

You don't believe I have XBL??? Look up my gamertag Kigmal. Ive had XBL since the very beginning when the Xbox (original) first came out. What are you, 10 years old?

I've stated that you can use your own background pics for free on the 360, just that you can't have a different pic for each blade. Yes, there are SOME free themes/gamerpics you can get. Usually from special events and such, but the MAJORITY of the themes/gamerpics come at a cost.

Read posts more carefully before replying. It'll save you some embarrassment.
Why pay for something when you can make your own gamerpics (using the camera as you stated) or download some nice pics off the net and incorporate them onto the console for the backgrounds.

The PS3 doesn't charge anyone a dime for it's themes and wallpapers that they have on PSN. Plus, as a HUGE bonus for PS3 can make your own themes, changing things like the wallpaper, the XMB icons and the sounds used when going from icon to icon.

Oilers Fan3791d ago