Marvel vs. ??? Who Should Make The Next Marvel Fighting Game

With the news that EA and Marvel have parted ways after the closing of the EA's Chicago studio, it means that the license for Marvel inspired fighting games is now up for grabs.

That leaves the question who will step up to make the next fighting game worthy of starring Marvel's super heroes?

Once held by the 2-D fighting kings, Capcom, the license is not only a lucrative, but one that has spawned some of the greatest fighting games of all time. While the perfection that is "Marvel vs. Capcom 2" may never again be achieved, there are a variety of other publishers that could do the license justice.

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Zhuk3854d ago

They would be smart to give it back to Capcom, they did their IPs justice with some of my favourite fighters of all time

JsonHenry3854d ago

Marvel vs EA - I want to play as Kane from Command and Conquer.

StarsCream3854d ago

MvC3 !!!!
I can see it now, 78 characters, hi-rez sprites, 3d stages, anything but jazz soundtrack,.... it would be perfect..../enamored sigh

Chuck Norris3854d ago

Marvel VS Chuck Norris. Let's see anyone top that.

Bubble Buddy3854d ago

Yo Chuck Norris, that's not fair. Chuck obliterates everyone without lifting a finger lol.

Chuck Norris3854d ago

Who said it was going to be 1on1? I meant the whole Marvel Universe Vs Me.

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INehalemEXI3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

Marvel Vs Namco, Tag mode style ,Some Tekken ,and some SoulCalibur characters vs Marvel if not back to capcom.

jonboi243854d ago

just give us marvel vs capcom 3.

Jo0j3854d ago

I'll even settle for a Marvel vs Capcom 2 HD Remix

Doppy3854d ago

How about Marvel vs. Capcom 3 with the graphics from the Street Fighter 4 trailer.

Genki3854d ago

Every single company, and I mean EVERY single company that was once adept at making fighters has severely fallen from grace.

The stuff we get now is just the same regurgitated sh*t. Same crap shuffled around every 2 or 3 years. I hate to say it, and believe me, I REALLY do, but games like Madden and NBA 2K have more substantial changes in their annual outings than these fighters that we have to wait sometimes 3 years's ridiculous.

The last few games out now have had the same exact mechanics for about 12 years now, with no sign of anyone trying to rejuvenate these games.

Sorry, but nobody deserves it, and it pains me to say that.

darthv723854d ago

Could do the brand justice. Perhaps rekindle the old fires in Segas past to make a great 2d/3d fighter like capcom did. Considering that capcom is busy with trying to make SF4 and maybe a new Darkstalkers game. Sega should take the helm and maybe even with the help of the DC license make a true hero/villan fighter in the form of Marvel vs DC.

games4fun3854d ago

that Marvel vs DC would be great and should be done but sega shouldnt be doing it and frankly i don't really know who

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