New GameSpot EIC: I Want to Regain Your Trust

In the wake of "Gerstmann-gate" it's clear that GameSpot will need to build itself back up again in the eyes of many gamers. The damage has been done, but the remaining editors stand behind their brand and the integrity of the website.

"I want to make the site better, I want to regain that trust people have lost in us – those that are willing to give us a chance," GameSpot EIC Ricardo Torres told GameDaily BIZ. "For some people it's 'never again,' and that's fine. If people want to walk away and just not trust the site, that's their right. But those that are willing to give it a shot, just keep an eye on things, because I think there's a lot of potential here still."

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Lucreto3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

They can try but the only way I will trust them would be to re-review Ratchet this time not from a sports game reviewer.

CeruleanSky3677d ago

Here you go, every single review should have the following on the, single html, page:

1) A full disclosure section that lists every single relevant advertiser, marketing partner, or every other possible financial interest the review site has tied to the game under review, company developing or publishing the game, and console manufacturer

2) An accurate list of the console owned/played by the reviewer and their most common genres played/reviewed

3) A point by point detailed list of review score criteria that is linked to and referred to in each and every review. A link to the review criteria on every review page that is easily cross referenced with the review text

4) A public comment period for reviews where people can point out both inaccuracies and reviews that fail to follow the established review guidelines and the review is fixed and brought up to standards

And so on.

Game reviews are a complete and total farce mixed with sleazy behind the scenes marketing money shenanigans. And they always will be. The potential for corruption is so absurdly high that it just isn't worth trying. The amount of money on the line for publishers and developers is to enormous and the type of person attracted to becoming a 'game reviewer' is exactly the wrong type of person - motivated fanboys who see game reviewing as a platform and forum to further their own console platform agendas.

The opinions of people you trust in gaming forums is the only legitimate source of game quality outside of actually trying the game yourself.

colonel1793677d ago

correcting Ratchet and Clank's review, cause that was BS. Hopefully they will start giving better and unbiased reviews now.

wageslave3677d ago

Wasnt it Sony that was identified as trying to buy reviews? If gamespot was *selling*, Sony was known to be buying.

I dont understand how you could suggest that the review wasnt honest. Can you suggest somthing that provides insight into what you mean?

Do you have a link or something? Something to help us understand what you're trying to suggest?

madness10103677d ago

i dont know like stated before the ratchet and clank review definetly did this site in for me i have very little respect left for it and its staff. It will take a lot to convince me otherwise!

Bnet3433677d ago

Gamespot was the #1 video game review site back in the day. I used to go to the site everyday for reviews, they really wrote good reviews explaining everything. Then I don't know what the hell happened. I left the site, but if they really want my trust again, they have to show it. Also, no candy-coated reviews. Giving a hyped game a high score doesn't mean you've won.

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