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The World Ends With You 2 Definitely to be Revealed

Based on the teaser website's soundtrack, it's incredibly obvious that The World Ends With You 2 is getting revealed at the end of the countdown. (3DS, The World Ends With You, Wii U)

mamotte  +   852d ago
Just take my money. All of it.

cant wait.
PopRocks359  +   852d ago
*Lights cigarette*

Hell... it's about time.
Snookies12  +   852d ago
Tell that to Kingdom Hearts fans who have been waiting for 3... :\ Lol
PopRocks359  +   852d ago
Go get 3D. It takes place after 2 and it's actually really good.
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Xperia_ion  +   852d ago
I seriously hope its for the WiiU, the first one is a ruby. Awesome game on the DS, kinetic and soulful are the words that come to mind when I think about that game.
juegosmajicos  +   852d ago
Totally agree with you guys. The moment I first saw the teaser website I nearly wet myself. I should go back and get all the reports in the first TWEWY to prepare for this.
belac09  +   852d ago
im sooo happy!
Treian  +   852d ago
and still no Kingdom Hearts 3.... :(
-Gespenst-  +   852d ago
That's a theme from the first one, there's no doubt this is the sequel.

Kinda wish they'd get the composers of SMT to do the music for this though. The soundtrack to the last one was vapid.
juegosmajicos  +   851d ago
Are you saying the soundtrack to the last The World Ends With You is vapid? It's very often celebrated for how awesome it's soundtrack is. It's an awesome and eclectic blend of inner-city music genres, and it makes the game shine.
-Gespenst-  +   851d ago
It's mostly just like the garbage you hear on the radio, which isn't hard to emulate. All of the lyrics and vocals are just completely cringeworthy. Honestly that soundtrack almost spoiled the game for me. Takeharu Ishimoto is easily the worst videogame / rpg composer.

I don't understand why that soundtrack gets so much praise. Listen to an SMT soundtrack if you want a better version without the ridiculous vocals.

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