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Submitted by awesomeoutof 1270d ago | opinion piece

Persona 5: A fan's hopes and dreams

Steven Hansen talks a bit about what he'd like to see in Persona 5. Not so secretly, the answer is a game starring Persona 3's Mitsuru Kirijo, but he's a bit more realistic in the article. (Atlus, Catherine, Persona 3, Persona 3: FES, Persona 4, Persona 4 Golden, Persona 4: Arena, Persona 5, PS Vita, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360)

CaptainSheep  +   1271d ago
Persona 5 is my dream. Just getting to hold the game would be the best thing ever for me. XD
PoSTedUP  +   1270d ago
ditto, i would make a shrine out of it.
Reibooi  +   1270d ago
After playing Persona 4 Arena I really don't think the next Persona should be based around Mitsuru like this guy wants.(even though he is mostly joking about it)

Persona 4 Arena clearly hints at a bigger storyline surrounding Mitsuru and the Shadow Operatives but I honestly think that should be a spin off and that Persona 5 should continue with a new cast and new story. Maybe one that vaugely ties in with the other games but not one that is a direct sequel or something.

That said making it star a slightly older cast like one in a university is certainly something I was thinking would be interesting. I mean honestly at the end of the day it really doesn't matter how old the characters are as teh story in something like Cathrine was clearly meant to be different then Persona and Persona 3 and 4 were very mature in their own way but still it would certainly be interesting to see a university setting.

I basically just want a Persona 5 that doesn't try to radically mess with the P3 and P4 formula. I want basically the same stuff but just bigger, badder and better. Which I clearly think they are capable of doing.
SageHonor  +   1270d ago
Are these shadow operatives good or bad?
Reibooi  +   1269d ago

They are the good guys. It's a group Mitsuru forms to help combat the shadows after the events of Persona 3
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penpen4   1270d ago | Offensive
Lovable  +   1270d ago
All I hope is that the Social Link will be on the same forgiving style as Persona 4 where you actually have almost a full month to fix your mistakes..In Persona 3, you'll definitely need a guide to get max social unforgiving...
Summons75  +   1270d ago
I didn't have a problem with P3's social links. It's really just a matter of just saying something they would like to hear and hanging out with them on the side.

I honestly don't know what I'd like in P5. From P3 to P4 it was being able to control individual characters and the being able to access the world map from anywhere was nice, even though I never used it.

I think I'd want them to have a deep emotional story like P3 but the dark theme of P4. Maybe some minigames too, just to break the cycle of Social Links, dungeons, studying, or going to places to increase charm or intelligence.
Lovable  +   1270d ago
I think you got it backwards...P4 was emotional and P3 was darker one..nonetheless both actually handles those two themes in great extent.
Qrphe  +   1270d ago
I'd love if we had more SS candidates for any arcana instead of just one. I'd give the game more replayability just like P3P FES.

Variety in dungeon design would be cool too!!
Ben_Grimm  +   1270d ago
Love the Persona series.

I really wish they would have had at least one on the new systems.
Xof  +   1270d ago
Obviously, we're all hoping they'll maintain or surpass the level of quality of the last few games. But beyond that?

I'm really hoping they break up the formula a bit. Not necessarily all the way, but a bit. 3 and 4 were great games, but the 'combat' side of gameplay was too segregated from the 'social' side of gameplay. It was a bit jarring. There ought to be a way to make that more seamless. Even something so simple as going to class one day and having to fight shadows on that 'normal' day instead of intentionally traveling to the 'magic realm' to do it would go a long way toward that end.

And, in a related note, I also wish they'd break up the bookend structure of the narrative. Both P3 and P4 begin with MC "arriving" to town (a not-so-subtle metaphor for the player starting to play the game) and end with the MC "leaving" town (an equally unsubtle metaphor for the player finishing the game).

Just... break the formula with P5. Just a bit. Looking at the calendar to figure out how many days to a boss fight, or until the end of the game... just ain't cool.
awesomeoutof  +   1270d ago
Or even more agency in a future "Dark Hour." Let us gallivant around town and creepy transmogrified coffins a bit.

I think the focused nature of Catherine worked to make that separation of gameplay types less jarring. Though there's also less of disparity between abstract block climbing and abstract chillin'; and tower climbin' turn based combat and school life.

Breaking the formula and establishing a new one for Persona 3 yielded a great RPG; 5 has the ability to do the same.
Protagonist  +   1270d ago
Obviously I´m a fan of the persona series and I was just thinking the other day while replaying P3P with Josei that it would be interesting with some online multiplayer.

Could for instance be a way to improve your exp. Creating a party online and be really clever on how to use your persona. This would also be an opportunity to create a unique looking protagonist.
MWH  +   1270d ago
i wish the game goes back to include protagonists of all ages like Persona 1 & 2 did (Maya/Katsuya/Baofu). this way you can please all the fans, youngsters and veterans alike.

also, even though P3&4 were great but i'd take a break from the school theme. if it can do similar to Perona 1&2, you can still social-link at work and in public places or private places around the streets of japan, perhaps even reinclude the Yakuza.

so yeah, to me it would be great to Personalize outside the walls and chakles of schools or unis and add back the mature themes.

make it happen Atlus.
jonboi24  +   1270d ago
Persona 5 should be a much more mature game. The setting should be a big city this time like Tokyo. You should be a out of university dude or girl. Looking for a job in some high end company, which would replace the school setting. I like Segamon idea of the cast being of all ages. The story would revolve around the economic world and how a certain company are using the shadows for financial gain, killing off competitors and people that get in there way. But just like all other Persona game there's something else lurking in the shadows, pun intended.
RurouniKaze  +   1270d ago
Man I dont care anymore Ill just be happy if they make a new Persona cuz then maybe we'll get a good JRPG this gen
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rawshack  +   1270d ago
I like the dateing in this game wish there was more games out there like this
Inception  +   1270d ago
I want back the rumor system from Persona 2. But, what i want the most is the feature from P1 and 2 where we must negotiate with the demon to acquire them. I had a lot of fun with this feature.

Anyway, i trusted atlus/persona team quality to make persona 5 beyond my expectation ;)
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omarzy  +   1270d ago
I need this game. I don't know how to say how much i want to play this. I'm gonna play the crap out of P4G, hopefully it is better than the ps2 version.
SageHonor  +   1270d ago
it'd be awesome if mitsruru returned

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