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3DS XL Review "Makes the 3DS look like a prototype"

The 3DS XL is a great value for newcomers and upgrades alike. (3DS, Tag Invalid) -

YoungPlex  +   952d ago
Best upgrade this year! Loving the 3D effect, so much more profound than the original, and it did indeed feel like the first one was a prototype... An extra CP would of been nice but honestly it doesn't bother me after I've actually had time to sit and compare the two. This is worth the upgrade or new purchase, it looks stunning! It truly makes me wonder how I ever put up with the original...
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klecser  +   951d ago
It really is better in almost every way. All of the buttons and switches are MUCH sturdier. There is some pixellation due to the larger screen, but you're not going to notice that unless you have eagle eyes and have a poor and overdemanding attitude towards graphics power. The screen scratch issue SHOULD be fixed, because the little rubber nubs actually rest on the raised ridge around the touch screen, but not touching the screen itself. If you SQUEEZE it, in a pocket, dust and debris may scratch the screens still. Take care of your stuff. The outer (colored) case is a little cheap too. When you open the SD card door, for example, the outer case actually lifts away. But, most people will open it once or twice to put an SD card in and never open it again.

I'm very happy with the improvements. The problem isn't that there is no second stick. The problem is the attitude that you need a second stick to game. People have really narrow thinking when it comes to gaming sometimes.

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