PSP Custom Firmware 3.90 M33 Released

Talk about quick! Homebrew developer Dark_AleX has now released PSP custom firmware 3.90 M33. The firmware update can be applied either directly via Network Update if you're already on 3.80 M33, or by following the manual instructions after the jump.

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GodsHand3794d ago

Hmmmmm, intresting, but I still the pandora battery.

rofldings3794d ago

Updating now, hopefully this will fix some small problems I had with 3.80 m33

Marceles3794d ago

Haha nice, DA is coming through with the upgrades even faster now.

pwnsause3794d ago

didnt this guy, like retired?

aaquib53794d ago

stops the power of the Dark. Sony has pretty much given up on even trying to stop hackers.

Marceles3794d ago

Nah he said he retired, then an article popped up saying a russian programming team named M33 was taking over his work. A few weeks later DA took off the M33 mask and revealed he was M33 the whole time...

puki3794d ago

Nice, hacked my slim last week. Mario 64 still rocks.

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The story is too old to be commented.