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Submitted by JonnyBigBoss 1265d ago | article

Guild Wars 2’s Best Features: Move Over World of Warcraft

GR writes: "Anyone walking into Guild Wars 2 expecting a World of Warcraft clone is in for a surprise. Guild Wars 2 marks a new chapter for the MMO genre after eight years of Blizzard reign by showing what a modern online RPG is truly capable of without compromising the enjoyment of casual or hardcore audiences." (Guild Wars 2, PC)

doctorstrange  +   1265d ago
Sign me up
achmetha  +   1265d ago
sounds good to me too. my only gripe with the article is that it said it's "free-to-play". if you have to buy it for $'s not free to play..just no subscription. though from the sounds of'll be worth $60.
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waltercross  +   1264d ago
Free-to-play is oppose to pay-to-play as in monthly fee. The software cost $60 and by the way I pre-purchased and was already in a couple Beta's. Looks good!, plays good to and after the $60 it is free to play online!...:)

EDIT: I know they should say "Subscription free".
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dbjj12088  +   1264d ago
I'm already signed up!
PtRoLLFacE  +   1265d ago
pre purchased 3 days heads start ftw!
rdgneoz3  +   1265d ago
Yep, 5 days, 3 hours till release of the game, can't wait. And they did mention they might release it earlier by a few hours to make sure everything comes online perfectly by the time its suppose to release.

Though they did not list the one feature I definitely love. Not having to fight people over mobs. No more worrying about who gets the first hit on a mob to get the loot. Everyone who helps kill the mob will get rewarded. Loved in the weekend betas, random people coming together to help each other fight elite mobs or dynamic quest bosses, as well as helping rez people who have fallen. Never having to fight the annoying people who'd run around getting the first hit on all the quest mobs in the area is always nice.
ATi_Elite  +   1265d ago
OMG only 5 miserable days left until Guild Wars 2 Nirvana!

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CrimsonessCross  +   1265d ago
SAME HERE! :D I just wish I could have probably picked up the Digital Deluxe Version :S

oh well, all I need is the regular digital version (save some money) and I'll work from there :) I'm ready to support this game <3

Can't wait to start this game up and play with some awesome people. I pre-purchased it after the final stress test when I pretty much couldn't stop watching videos on it though I didn't want to spoil the game once I knew enough about it...BUT I COULDNT HELP MYSELF! ;n; at least I have a better idea about the game and the content :)

I'm going to be Soooo addicted to this >w<
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crawling182  +   1265d ago
The wait feels so long still
Kinger8938  +   1265d ago
Why the disagree's lol, u must be lying mate??!

See u there!
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insertcoin  +   1265d ago
Definitely looks like Guild Wars 2 could get the MMO crowd going again.
Farsendor1  +   1265d ago
yeah i haven't been this excited for an mmo in a long time.

the last game i was excited for was aion and that was a huge let down.
dasbeer88  +   1265d ago
I hope there is Guild Wars franchise sale on Steam soon.
Big_Mex  +   1265d ago
Already took off from work next weekend and reupped on my herbal medication. Been playing a thief in the betas so far and really diggin it. This game is definitely worth the $60 its asking for. I haven't seen a world on this scale detailed to the extent it is outside of WoW, just exploring and trying to get all the vistas is fucking awesome!

Countdown Timer
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CrimsonessCross  +   1265d ago | Well said
Well it'll definitely be worth the time off :)
Glad to hear you're enjoying that class as well, I still haven't decided upon what class I am going to be playing. I will probably have to try most of them out before making one my main character.

I agree about the 60$ being entirely worth it. I didn't pick up collector/deluxe version as I couldn't justify the cost all that much.

I remember when I thought WoW's world before expansions was huge. It seems like this one is 2-3x bigger if not more and It's going to be freaking fun to explore.
I love the vista mechanic, or at least the idea of it and to be rewarded for it. I am going to be a total completionist in this game it's going to hurt so good.

I can't wait any longer! XD I haven't been this exited for a game for a very long time.

Cheers to everyone who is going to be playing this game :) and enjoy!
Big_Mex  +   1265d ago
Agree with everything you said. The cool part is if all you want to do is explore and find vistas you won't be penalized xp wise, probably the best part about this game is you can choose what to do when you want and don't feel like you have to slog through grind quests to gain levels. Also....Keg Brawl!
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Kinger8938  +   1265d ago
I really hope the dynamic objectives stay fresh all the way to cap! I imagine there will be some overlay but hope its not too repetative like most mmo's! Ive only reached lvl7 in betas but really liked what i have seen!

Char engineer i think! Or human guardian :D
ALICE666  +   1265d ago
I really want GW2 to succeed and take the MMO crown from WoW. I've moved on from it to countless promising new MMOs in the last 8 years and have yet to find a new home. Never tried the beta so I didnt want to spoil anything and I have trust in the company as i did enjoy GW1 all those years ago.
Kinger8938  +   1265d ago
It wont take the crown and it doesnt need to imo! Theres room for both
3-4-5  +   1264d ago
well.......time to save up for a new PC...I've had a Macbook Pro for the past 5 years I bought for making music but it can't game worth

I thought I was done with MMO's after 2-3 years with WoW..

No Monthly subscription will get an additional 100,000 + people to buy this game knowing it's a one time purchase only.

In fact...I'd be willing to be the WoW people have been looking for an excuse to leave for years now...this may be it , and it may be my venture back into the world of MMO's..

Only played FF XI & WoW, and both were very fun.
waltercross  +   1264d ago
Make sure you guys check for GW 2 updates daily(for those who got GW 2). There are updates almost daily.

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