Artist's Linkedin Lists Dragon Age 3, Possible Logo

Wondering if Dragon Age 3 is in development? Or perhaps you’re wondering how the character designs will look like in the game? This latest bit of info from a Bioware artist’s Linkedin page may have answers to both of those questions.

MagneticDeath1353d ago

Hopefully an improvement from the second one.

kuugg1353d ago SpamShow
Zack_Fair1353d ago

i hope it's more like the first.

Perez1353d ago

if Bw's recent quality is any indication its sadly going to be a buggy, cut and paste background, no replay value game with some serious lack of logical ideas and while throwing every established theme out the window.

I hope its good I really do but as Bioware have shown they do not do game series very well. (BG not included)

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