Possible Until Dawn boxart

Amazon has posted what could be the boxart Sony’s new PlayStation 3 exclusive Until Dawn.

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sinncross2104d ago

Yeah, I think that works. Could probably use a little more blood on the ground for emphasis.

DigitalRaptor2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

This game actually looks pretty damn good, and scary. I was skeptical after the trailer at Gamescom, but the recent fact sheet told of multiple endings, playing as different characters, adventure style exploration, and genuine horror, despite the cliche of the teen horror genre.

Could be something great.

topgun332104d ago

the box art says its move compatible, which means this game can be played with the regular remote. Day one purchase for me

Whitefeather2104d ago

Another way to tell is Move only games only cost $39.99 and optional ones can go above that price.

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