S&S Review: The Last Story

As the Wii's lifecycle comes to a close, you definitely need to pick this last gem up before you upgrade to a Wii U. With easily one of the best combat systems around and a gripping tale, The Last Story is an obvious purchase for any Wii owner.

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Jadedz1712d ago

I have no clue what Jim sterling was talking about (smh at the 4/10 score -_-).

Jadedz1711d ago

From what I've read (reviews) - the game is pretty good, and JS doesn't seem to really care about SD visuals, I presume.

Chrono1711d ago

Those had no clue or they don't like this type of games anyway.

iSamKulii1711d ago

Yea the JS review was the only negative one I've seen

Hicken1711d ago

Not anymore. or whatever as a 5/10 review, from some guy who all but admits he both dislikes jrpgs and doesn't know much about them.

Chrono1711d ago

9/10 from GameStop, 8.5/10 from IGN, this doesn't happen quite often. This game totally deserves a 9/10 or higher, for a Wii game.

DivineAssault 1711d ago

anything under a 7 for this game is absurd.. Im about 6hrs in & i love it so far.. Sure theres some minor tech issues due to the wiis lack of horse power but its a really good game so far..