WWE '13 Rock Bottom on the announcer table

WWE '13 Rock Bottom on the announcer table

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claud31943d ago

Nice, but the game is missing so much

BiggCMan1942d ago

Why do the graphics look so terrible? Is it the Youtube quality or something, I swear the last WWE game I played back in like 2009 or 2010 looked leagues better than this.

FutureWWEChampion1942d ago

What is it missing I mean THQ and wwe can only do so much i mean there are some wrestler i wish would be in the game but other then that i fell they have done a pretty good job with the time frame they have been given. This will be a good title and I'm hoping that universe mode has alot in store for us cuz that's what's gonna hold the game till the next title.

dasbeer881942d ago

In every PPV, I noticed there is a tradition for the spanish announcer table to be destroyed.

calis1942d ago

Graphics are indeed horrible at this stage.

I haven't watched WWE in years. Does the Rock still wrestle or is he full time acting?

Magic_Spatula1942d ago

Full time acting. Makes occasional appearances in WWE. Has a WWE Championship match at Royal Rumble for some reason.

KingOptimusOrigin1111942d ago

Right now he is still acting but he does make special appearances and he did wrestle at this years WrestleMania. The Rock will also wrestle at next years January Royal Rumble.

claud31942d ago

Their is so ma y wrestlers missimg, the attitude era in the game sucks and the crowd is crap. Cheering is not realistic

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