EA Sports Predicts Super Bowl XLII Winner

Ripten's Chad Lakkis writes:

"We received a press release today from Electronic Arts, announcing their official prediction for this years Super Bowl, featuring the 18-0 New England Patriots and the New York Football Giants.

Lead by quarterback Eli Manning, the surging Giants aim to end the Patriots quest for a perfect 19-0 season, and take home the Lombardi Trophy in the process. However, Tom "Terrific" Brady and his talented squad of receivers see a different outcome."

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Nostradavis3848d ago

make sure that you enjoy the lovely video highlight of Eli Manning hitting Asante Samuel after he throws a real.

RecSpec3848d ago

That is exactly how I would imagine Eli taking someone down, pretty funny stuff.

mikeslemonade3848d ago

These madden sims are normally right. I hope it's wrong this year. I hate the Patriots.

kobonline3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Considering the fact that Jeremy Shockey is playing.

I thought he was on injured reserved.

I thought I saw Roosevelt Colvin on the Field too for the Pats.
He's on IR too.

Not a very accurate simulation if you ask me.

koston36473848d ago

actually colvin is playing soooo... ur wrong sorry

kobonline3848d ago

Know your facts before you speak on something. Ignoramus.

wiizy3848d ago

of course its going to be the patriots..go boston.. just like the wii will win this generation hands down

ScentlessApprentice73848d ago

I can't wait to see the look on his face when he leaves Arizona on Sunday with his tail between his legs. His brother Peyton won the Super Bowl but he won't (what kind of stupid name is Eli anyway?)

Xbox is the BEST3848d ago

they calcutate Moss pushing off in the End Zone.