Electronic Arts (EA) for Sale - And Why Gamers Should Care

Electronic Arts (EA) is up for sale, and while the discrete maneuverings are going on, gamers should think on what impacts this issue may have on them.

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The_Infected1884d ago

The game industry seems to be crashing. One reason I think is because we can't get out of this 7 year old outdated generation of consoles! Nintendo aside Microsoft and Sony need to show there stuff because they're the ones with the power behind them not gimmicks.

DragonKnight1884d ago

Yeah, because these publishers want to spend even more money making AAA games than they already do. That'll help them financially alright. /s

BrutallyBlunt1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

It's a double edged sword. You want to move forward with new technology but you also want to be profitable along the way. Games now cost 10's of millions of dollars, i can only imagine that growing in the future.

What i think will happen is episodic content where we get these big games in smaller chunks. That way they can go beyong the $60 threshold. We are seeing that with DLC but they will take it a step further in order to recoup their investment.

The gaming industry needs to constantly innovate and evolve, right now they seem to be stuck and thinning themselves way too much. You have so many platforms now that taking a chance on new IP's for new hardware like the Wii U will be a rarity. What did EA show for the Wii U that was unique? How is making Mass Effect 3 going to entice gamers? It's the third part of a triology where the other two were never on Nintendo devices. Of course they will have Wii U interface games but they will be safe games like FIFA and Madden. Ubisoft looks to be taking more chances but again they too have to make games they can port to other platforms because the userbase is too small for just one platform like the Wii U. Especially starting from zero when the Wii U launches.

Gamers should care what happens with EA, they are one of the largest game publishers out there so it will be interesting to see where things go.

There may not be another videogame crash but chances are there will be a major correction. It simply isn't sustainable at its current moment. Ever since sales for the Wii went down so did profit margins. There's a lull right now and new consoles can shake things up again but those will be huge invesetments and the cycle will continue. The future will be the ecosystem, not the hardware. You can see how things are lining up. You've got Steam. Microsoft's Windows Live, Sony and their online service with the newly acquired Gaiaka, Apple and iTunes, Nintendo now trying to be a serious contender with Nintendo Network, and OnLive waiting to be bought. What will happen with EA's Origin? There will be less focus on the hardware as we move forward and more on getting people into those ecosystems.

doogiebear1884d ago

@ level head: I totally agree woth ypur analysis/prediction. It's very "Level headed". I dunno why u got those dissagree's, but keep in mind that many of the people on this site are not very bright, and that their abilities to discern the times are just as poor as Pratchert's abilities. The future is gonna hurt games if people get what they think they want...things such as expensive to develope for hardware, which only major corporations will be able to afford to develope on. Cloud is an option Sony and Ms are loking into, because new hardware might not be the best option for software devs who are on a tight budget. Even naughty dog voiced concern about a next gen. People just want another Console anyway just because they expect one every 5 years. But the cost of games rivals or even surpasses the costs of some hpllywood live action or Pixar movies.

BrutallyBlunt1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )


The disagrees mean virtually nothing unless a response is added to them. It's just a cowardly way of saying 'i don't like what you say but i don't have the intellect to actually give reasons to'. Some people on N4G will disagree on anything. You could say game A came out this year and people will disagree. It's ridiculous. perhaps the system should be more open and show who is actually disagreeing? Either way i'm not bothered by it.

The old model of creating hardware and hoping exclusives get people to buy that hardware is old ways of thinking. One that will hurt Nintendo more than anyone else. It's also one that isn't helping Sony very much at the moment and for quite some time now. It's no longer feasible to count on that. How much does Apple invest in their own games? How much in return do they make? How about Steam?

What i see Microsoft doing is a bold step and one that is going to ruffle a lot of feathers. They look to try and do what Apple is doing, that is control everything on their end. People love PC gaming due to its openess, apparently Windows 8 isn't. Now watch as they create a Windows Live ecosystem much like iTunes while also creating their own hardware (the surface tablet). The profit margin for companies like Dell and HP are null compared to Apple. Apple controls the pricing, the hardware and the software. Who else does that? Well it looks as though Microsoft will try.

Now take a look at a company like Sony. They need retailers to push their products. It's not so easy to be like Valve and Steam. A company that doesn't need retailers. Valve doesn't do hardware and Sony also doesn't have an operating system like Windows or OSX that can integrate itself into various platforms and close everyone off like Apple has been able to do. Sony has taken a different appraoch and is now allowing games they own to be on Android devices. Gaiaka will help push those games but they still don't have the leverage that Windows has. A good idea for Sony but one that will devalue the hardware.

Nintendo is the odd man out. They only do games and don't want their software on any other hardware than their own. That means they cannot afford to sell that hardware at a loss (game software alone won't recoup those losses) and their vision ends up somewhat hampered because they cannot go all out. Their online service will only work on their hardware as well. That's not an issue for Apple because they don't have the overhead of game studios like Nintendo does. They have closed themselves off way too much and since 3rd party publishers don't work that way they are the least likely to cater to Nintendo's vision.

There's a lot of growing pains taking place right now. They are still trying to bridge the gap of getting people connected. Having the consumer apply codes is all about getting rhe consumer educated and to force them online. That's where they want us to end up.

BattleAxe1884d ago

Sony has $8.4 Billion waiting to be used for acquisitions. Sony should buy EA Sports and the EA division that owns the Battlefield and Medal of Honor IPs.

MostJadedGamer1884d ago

Yeap despite this very long console generation a lot of the smaller, and medium publishers will probably be pretty slow in supporting new consoles because they cannt afford to invest the money in new consoles that will be have very low userbases to start with.

SilentNegotiator1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Plus, they want to start again with a smaller number of game systems.

Less potential customers = happier publishers.


joab7771883d ago

And include the increase in competition and the constant 24/7 harassment from gamers, and it isn't as simple as many think it is. We look back at EAs decisions and they were trying to be profitable. Unfortunately, the days of big games being made for niche gamers is over. And it is sad. Hopefully Sony and Microsoft are able to compete too. It looks bad for Sony right now. Microsoft will be fine. They are attempting to lead the charge of OS in the living room. But, when apple makes more money off the iPhone than Microsoft makes with it's entire company, it becomes very difficult for companies to continue spending millions and taking risks when shareholders just want a return. EA has mentioned their desire to make mobile games. Remember when video killed the radio star. We are watching mobile games kill console games. It is sad but the world is reeling as a whole and while entitlements and government help have helped to hide the dying gaming industry, it will come to a head. But, so will everything else. Hard times are coming, the only choice is whether we structure it or let it take us by surprise. The games we love are made by corporations and corporations have been deemed evil to hide the atrocities being committed by frightened governments. I just hope I am wrong but all indicators point in a scary direction.

Legion1883d ago


Really???... obviously Sony isn't going to be able to make many large purchases for awhile. If you haven't heard they have been looking at a very large negative trend in their cash flow!

The_Infected1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )


I guess according to you we should never move forward since it will cost developers more money?

Next gen hardware makes people eager to get the new consoles and the amazing games with them especially if the games have that WOW effect. So yes it may cost more but Unreal Engine 4.0 is sitting there waiting along with 1st party Developers.

CommonSense1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

The cost of moving into the next generation would not be much higher for publishers. Engines are getting way better. They do a lot of the work for you. Plus, publishers already spend as much as they're going to spend on music and voice acting...we've already plateaued on those costs.

it's a very small-minded way of thinking to assume that just because the leap in costs in the last generation was high that it will be the same in this generation. it won't even be close.

increased graphics is a function of the engine quality..engines are more sophisticate and actually reduce development time.

as for the industry "crashing." well, the economy in the west is crashing in general thanks to horrible economic/political policy. there is going to be a massive economic crash in the next 12-24 months (if not sooner).

DragonKnight1883d ago

@Marcus_Fenix: And I guess according to you people will go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a new console with a limited launch line up of games they potentially don't want so publishers/developers/investor s should risk the money they already apparently don't have (thanks to the industry "crashing") on the risk that people will want to buy that new console right away right? PS3's launch doesn't ring a bell for you does it?

"So yes it may cost more but Unreal Engine 4.0 is sitting there waiting along with 1st party Developers."

Oh right, because developers never create their own engines for games or use anything other than UE. And also because UE is free. Oh and also because first party devs don't typically spend more money on developing games than third party developers since they have the funds of the console maker behind them. Right. /s

@CommonSense: It's naive to think that increased quality doesn't equal increased costs no matter what technology can do for you. You say engines do most of the work for you? Well guess what; it costs money to create and/or license those engines. Plus developers do tend to make their own engines and spend money upgrading them over time. Just because epic is content to let UE float for an entire generation without updates doesn't mean everyone else will do the same.

Oh and, sound quality increases as well. With new ability to make better sound comes new equipment that costs more money. Voice actors don't have a "going rate" that publishers can constantly pay for the way you imply.

And finally, please give me the winning lottery numbers with that financial crystal ball you seem to possess. I love people who think they can predict the future.

boyzilla1883d ago

"And finally, please give me the winning lottery numbers with that financial crystal ball you seem to possess. I love people who think they can predict the future."

It's called analysis, and if you did the research you could probably come out with the same outcome in terms of our economical system.

I hate whenever someone makes a prediction and gets slammed for it. Predictions are good to have in case you need a failsafe. Would you toss out the weather channel if you had the choice? It's pretty good to know when there's a tornado warning or a hurricane impending.

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Tru_Ray1884d ago

Does the author of this piece realize that Lara Croft is currently the intellectual property of Square Enix?

Do your research, bro...


Gino_Dino1884d ago

I'm sorry if I confused you - I did not mean to insinuate that Croft's redesign had anything to do with EA. It's just an analogy.

Whoever holds the the intellectual rights to the games (and characters) has complete control over them - so when Eidos fell into Square Enix's lap in 2009, it wasn't a matter of just creating another Tomb Raider game that fits the franchise to a T.

The new management undoubtedly had a hand in the redesign (or at least an influence in its direction), despite the fact that the new game was developed by the same company under them. Square Enix needed to show that they can create something better (or different) than what Eidos had been dishing out - but the perception of what's "better" is subjective. This is the analogy I wanted to point out for EA's games and characters if ever it was sold somewhere else.

Flavor1884d ago

Image of Lara Croft was being used as an example of remade IP's.

Do your reading bro.


Tru_Ray1884d ago

My Bad...

Thanks for the clarification. That makes more sense.

morkendo231884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

I see why EA for sale one of the reasons according to "" movie:
"NEED FOR SPEED" Synopsis: Rumored to involve a cross-county race from San Francisco to New York.

smell like "THE RUN" game was a flop im sure the movie will be as well.

guitarded771884d ago

@ Marcus_Fenix

Your argument makes no sense. Publishers make more money when the install base is huge, which it it now with the PS3 and XBOX 360... Publishers make more money when the development process is streamlined, which it is right now because devs have experience with the hardware. The beginning of any console generation is a huge investment not just for the hardware manufacturers, but the publishers too. The publishers have to be on board for that investment for the hardware devs to make the big investment.

MostJadedGamer1884d ago

Um the long console generation is the result of the industry struggling not the cause of it. Console makers can no longer afford to invest tons of money putting out consoles every 5 years, and publishers can no longer afford to invest tons of money, and resources getting used to new consoles.

GuyThatPlaysGames1883d ago

EA hasn't made a "quality" title in a long time. We are better off with the sports games being picked up by other companies that have more ideas waiting to be implemented.

Legion1883d ago

Somebody needs to get smart and buy the company and strip it down for parts. Selling titles out to different buyers... or something.

Lvl_up_gamer1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )


Dead Space 1 and 2 are quality Titles.
Mass Effect 2 and 3 are quality Titles.
NHL games are quality Titles.
FIFA Titles are quality Titles.
Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a Quality Title.
Battlefield 3 is a quality Title.
the Fight Night's are quality Titles.
Dante's Inferno is a quality Title
The Secret World is looking like a quality Title.
Crysis are Quality Titles
Shank is a quality Title
Star Wars: The Old Republic is a Quality Title.

It's so easy to hate on a large company simply just to hate on them but for me, I am a fan of EA titles. I think they have lots of quality in their titles and are very diverse with titles.

princejb1341883d ago

I don't think is next gen we need
Remember it takes a lot of money to produce a next gen console(advertisement, shipping, etc.)
What I think the problem relies on is games.people are buying the same game over and over again such as call do duty, halo, gears, etc. and not giving or buying any other games out there. If people don't buy these games the developers are making, they can't make a profit and they lose money.

DeadlyFire1883d ago

You guys know what is really funny? Activision/Blizzard is also for sale. I believe Sony and Microsoft might buy into EA and Activision/Blizzard slowly and wait for the price to hit a sweet spot. If one owned Activision and one owned EA it would be a big deal for everybody. EA publishes everything and Activision sells CoD to everybody.

What I find really odd is that both of them have more projects coming than ever before.

I can see Microsoft and Sony hitting hard next gen. Even if they have to sell at a loss they will be fighting it out for every dollar. Nintendo might grab everyone as well. You never know.

RAVEN811883d ago

its cheaper for them to make games for this gen now , for the new gen coming would cost the comp more money in dev.

Blasphemy1883d ago

It would totally F up the game industry if someone like Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo bought EA.

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DaThreats1884d ago

It'll be over if Activision owns them

Blankman851884d ago

Except Activision itself may also be up for sale.

JBSleek1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

No Vendi stock in Blizzard is up for sale. Activision themselves is not up for sale the joint merger is and only 61% of it is.

adorie1884d ago

If that happens, There will be fewer choices for me. I'm gearing up to Boycott Blizzard and anyone associated with them by closing down my wallet to them, their games and sadly, the developers who would be working under them, should this occur.

zeal0us1884d ago

Nexon already offered to buy EA once this year. So if anyone going to try to get EA it would probably them depending on the price.

SilentNegotiator1883d ago

It would be a massive shame if Activision or one of the big three bought them. I can see no good resulting from any of them acquiring EA.

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OneAboveAll1884d ago

EA aren't going to sell themselves.

OneAboveAll1884d ago

Since I can't edit my post I will just say that if something ever happened where they did sell, Microsoft should buy them. Complete exclusivity to EA's huge game library and the death of Playstation.

d0nT wOrrY1884d ago

you have such a wide imagination there boy.

elhebbo161884d ago

yeaaa, no. ea has bin a third party from the begining... and im talking way back so going exclusive NEVER gonna happen

unchartedxplorer1884d ago

......I'm sorry your comment is so retarded in so many ways that I can't comprehend what you are saying.

Perjoss1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

If you are a true gamer you should not wish for the death of sony or the playstation brand (even if you are the biggest MS/xbox fanboy in the history of mankind). One of the best things that has happened this generation is the close competition between Sony and MS. If one of these companies had rocketed ahead you would have seen them stop trying to please customers so badly.

Healthy competition is what keeps these companies trying hard to impress us and win us over.

Megaton1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

It would become a net loss, buying a giant publisher like that and making all of their games exclusive. Their sales would be essentially cut in half, or worse if they also cut PC support.

Qrphe1884d ago

Which would make EA's profits even less than what they are making the purchase a complete mistake

Way to go failed troll

TheController1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

That's exactly what we need. Sony to get out of the gaming business so that M$ will have a monopoly on the console market.... Great idea. Imagine LIVE going up to 15$ a month, and the ads on the dashboard to increase or better yet, M$ does what they do best, which is systematically closing down studios one by one until none are left. That sounds like a great idea. /s

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Kran1884d ago

Well of course gamers care.

Do you know how many companies that make franchises we know and love that EA bought out that might be affected by this?

Knight_Crawler1883d ago

I think EA should sell all of the studios they bought individually and just focus on the sports and casual market.

If this does happen I hope MS buys Bioware or Bioware buys back them self but get MS to publish there games.

They had a good relationship with MS and Mass Effect one was BOSS compared to 2 and 3.

Run_bare1883d ago

I don't think so, it should remain independent of console makers. Microsoft and Sony should stay out.

Knight_Crawler1883d ago

@run bare - I would like that too becuase this would give Bioware more freedom and time to work on a game but the reality is that AAA games cost million of $ to make and Bioware even if they did find the money to buy them selfs back would not be able to afford to publish a AAA game.

R_aVe_N1884d ago

It would take somebody with some really deep pockets to buy out EA. It is completely possible to do with some company's such as Zenimax or even Google. I could see a company buying them for just the ip's alone that EA owns not to mention the studios involved. If this were to happen I think you would see a shift in all those development teams.

BitbyDeath1884d ago

I'd like to see Google get into the console biz.

R_aVe_N1884d ago

They have just recently started building development teams for facebook games so it is possible for them to expand to Consoles at some point if they see profit in it.