Amazing Shenmue Parody via Square Enix's Sleeping Dogs

DSOGaming writes: "YouTube's member 'DSimphonyHD' created an amazing Shenmue parody with Square Enix's latest game, Sleeping Dogs."

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Ace_Pheonix2286d ago

I really miss Shenmue... *tear* I'm still holding out for 3 and some HD PSN remasters.

WonderboyIII2286d ago

I remember the day I bought my Dreamcast and Shenmue 1 the first month I arrived in Australia. The graphical and game design shock I got was mind blowing. I miss those days. I own a PC, Wii, Xbox360, and PS3 and I am not as excited with gaming as I was with Shenmue on the DC. Maybe I am just getting old and I should pass the token to my sons.

young7yang2286d ago

kudos to who ever made this video.... by the way sleeping dogs is by far one of my favorite games this year.. even though its not perfect its a great representation of hong kong..

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