5 Crossovers That Would be Great to See Happen

From HalfBeard's HUD. So what with Marvel vs Capcom 3 last year and this year’s Street Fighter vs Tekken (throw in next year’s Tekken X Street Fighter too I suppose) crossovers seem to be making a bit a small comeback. This is a dream for me as I love crossovers, they always lead to the kind of non-canon, Elseworlds, Treehouse of Horror style lunacy that makes the writer in me giggle with uncontrollable glee. So what universes do I want to see amalgamated next? Come check out my hit list while I grab my kidnapping bag and head after the lawyers of the various copyright holders so I can hold some…”negotiations”.

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MaxXAttaxX2307d ago

Not gonna lie. Kinda lame.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2306d ago

I know right wtf? -________-" I didn't get excited for any of these.

Seeing Solid Snake (Metal Gear), Gabe Logan (Syphon Filter), Adam Jensen (Deus Ex), and Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell) in a cross-over game would make for the ultimate cross-over dream >_< I'd pay big bucks to see that :b

rpd1232306d ago

These all sucked.

I'd like to see a Mass Effect/Star Wars crossover. It's plausible for the Mass Effect universe and the Star Wars universe to be the same. Plus Star Wars 1313 plays a lot like Mass Effect.

Baka-akaB2306d ago

I know it was going to be awful before clicking , so it's my fault , but really "Mortal Kombat X Soul Caliber" ? Kill it with fire

prototypeknuckles2306d ago

Mk seriously needs to cross with Sf
We need dc vs marvel
A real sonic vs Mario game
Tomb raider vs uncharted
Infamous vs uncharted
A real sly vs jak vs ratchet game

Tito082306d ago

What a disgusting list....My crossover wishlist would be:

Samurai Shodown VS Soul Calibur
Marvel vs DC
Virtua Fighter vs Tekken
Blazblue vs Guilty Gear(same developers, could happen)
Darkstalkers vs Bloody Roar
Shinobi vs Ninja Gaiden
Contra crossing with Metal Slug(sort of)
King of Fighters vs Tekken
Last Blade vs Bushido Blade
Mortal Kombat vs killer Instinct

That's about it, any ideas???

Nexgensensation2306d ago

Killzone x mass effect
God of war X demon souls

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The story is too old to be commented.