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The PS Vita Dilemma: A Case of Short-Term Memory | Game Insider

Game Insider: "Sony must have forgotten, but they had the right idea with the PSP Go, offering a platform with on-board memory to push their online store. While the PS Vita as a whole takes a few evolutionary steps forward with its second analog stick and touch controls, it takes a step back with its lack of any on-board memory." (PS Vita, Sony Computer Entertainment)

remanutd55  +   894d ago
i think sony needs to bundle the vita with a 16 gb memory card and add a 64 gb as well because with playstation plus coming to the little system a 32 gb will not be enough anymore and those prices need to come down.
Kevinote  +   893d ago
I'm not a PlayStation Plus member but with all the free to download games and perks Sony is providing, it's getting harder for me to ignore the service.
Kevinote  +   894d ago
64 GB of on-board memory would be great, but it's unlikely they'd add such a large amount of memory to the system without the cost of the system increasing significantly. The 16GB bundle seems more likely...but hardly enough for what's available on PSN.
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VitaOwner  +   893d ago
Hopefully they can offer Vita owners a larger amount of cloud storage space when the Vita gets Ps Plus than the 1 GB currently available for PS3 plus owners. There are currently much fewer Vita Owners than PS3 owners, so they should be able to offer more storage space per user. Sony should also take into consideration that the Vita is currently capped at 32 GB while the PS3 could have up to a terabyte of space. Offering a huge amount of cloud storage space would be a big incentive for more people to adopt, as well as giving more value to current Vita owners.
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remanutd55  +   893d ago
wow i've never thought of that, very good suggestion. You should share that idea on the blog man.
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CommonSenseGamer  +   893d ago
PSN is effectively cloud storage as you have to download before you can play. Problem is you need storage on the receiving device.
EmperorDalek  +   893d ago
Good point. Why would you need 32GB of storage if its just for save game files since the game install files could just be re-downloaded off PSN if needed.
CommonSenseGamer  +   893d ago
Vita needs free storage especially since you need some before you can actually usemany of its features...like gaming, music and video playback.

In terms of storage Sony got it right with the Go then took a step back with the Vita.
TheLastGuardian  +   893d ago
I hope the memory card prices come down soon. Someone told me I'd be fine with a 4GB card since I plan on buying physical copies of every game I can and a 4GB card came with the starter kit I wanted anyway. It's not nearly enough for all the apps and digital games I want on my Vita. I'm definitely going to need a bigger card when cross buy titles start coming out and when PS+ comes to the Vita.
Kevinote  +   893d ago
4GB is hardly enough for anything but game saves and maybe a couple of games. I'd go with at least 8GB, but you'll soon be pining for more.
h311rais3r  +   893d ago
The storage in my vita is only 4gb....I'm too cheap to pay for over priced cards. Seriously. These cards prices should be cut in half.

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