WWE '13 Roster Is Officially Revealed

THQ has just announced today the majority of the roster we can expect to see in WWE '13.

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Christo1354d ago

No Ahmed Johnson or D'lo Brown :(

Christo1354d ago

Oh cheers, didn't know he was in TNA :p

MrBeatdown1354d ago

No Kurt Angle. Surprise, surprise.

Catoplepas1354d ago

Is Kurt Angle a mathematician?

Wrestling sure has gotten highbrow since I last watched it. :P

RicFlair1354d ago

Means Nothin Without
The Nature Boy
Wooooooooo !!!!

Jamzluminati1354d ago

LMFAO! ROFLMFAO! This shit is funny.

Christo1354d ago

Surprising Sable isn't in the Attitude Era roster as she was a HUGE part of the Attitude Era.

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